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  3. Saturday, 11 April 2009
POST 01415E: INJECTION SAFETY SUPERVISION TOOL FOLLOW-UP ON POST 01412E 11 APRIL 2009 ****************************************** Thanks for the injection safety supervision tool posted on the TechNet21 (forum). I think it is a laudable effort to simplify existing tools - and thus making them more likely to be used at no extra cost - or very low cost. I think the division into 3 sections makes it easy to use: - Injection safety for the vaccinator/injection provider - Injection safety for the vaccinee/recipient - Injection safety for the community I am less sure about the need to have the 4th section (41, 42 and 43 could be lumped into injection safety for the recipient). A few suggestions: 1. Injection safety for the vaccinator: 1.1. Recapping: No suggestion 1.2. Use of safety box: change to "did the vaccinator dispose of all needles and syringes immediately in the safety box?" (the term "correctly" can be subject to interpretation) 1.3. Use of one syringe for each injection and for each reconstitution: split this question into 2 questions (one for reconstitution and one for injection) 2. Injection safety for the recipient 2.1. and 2.2 No suggestion 2.3. Avoid touching the injection site: suggest to get rid of this because it is trickier to observe than it appears—especially during busy sessions (the vaccinator HAS to hold some part of the injection "area" to perform the injection) 3. Injection safety for the community: looks good to me- No suggestion for change 4. Injection safety: Vaccine quality Could this section be lumped with section 2? Suggestion: delete section 4.3. because it cannot be assessed by observation (the supervisor would have to rely on hearsay by the injection provider, which is not verifiable). Dr. Jules Millogo ([email=jmillogo@VANISHPOINT.COM]jmillogo@VANISHPOINT.COM[/email]) Medical Director Retractable Technologies Inc. Washington DC Post generated using Mail2Forum (

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