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Post00371 TECHNET MEETING FEEDBACK 4 September 2001 CONTENTS 1. TECHNET21 RECOMMENDATIONS Moderators Note: The format of Technet Forum will be evolving over the next few months. A questionnaire on suggested changes will soon be posted to all subscribers for comment and suggestions. regards and stay tuned, allan ____________________________________*______________________________________ 1. TECHNET21 RECOMMENDATIONS The first 'Technet21' meeting of the 21st Century was held last week in New Delhi India. Umit Kartoglu, Technet Secretariat/WHO.V&B/ATT, kindly posts a note on the meeting and the Draft working group and secretariat recommendations. * Please send your comments and inputs to Umit Kartoglu at:, [][/email] Or by fax to +41 22 791 43 84. Our thanks to the meeting organizers and participants! ___________________________________________________________________________ From: [][/email] To: [][/email] Subject: TechNet21 recommendations Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 Dear TechNet members, TechNet 21 meeting was held back-to-back with SIGN in New Delhi, India, 27-28 August 2001. The meeting welcomed 107 participants including 23 representatives from national EPI programmes from different parts of the world. I would like to thank all TechNet 21 Delhi participants for their valuable contributions throughout the meeting. Special thanks go to WHO SEARO staff and local organizers Attitude for making this meeting so smooth. As agreed in Harare 1999 meeting, the major focus of this meeting was on implementing the known approaches to strengthen immunization services. Although a variety of subject areas in the field of programme sustainability, vaccine management, vaccine wastage, cold chain, vaccine vial monitors, and introduction of new vaccines were discussed, specific recommendations in these fields were left to be further worked by the working groups that were agreed to be established as early as possible. One major reason for this was the dormant period TechNet experienced since the 1999 Harare meeting. More time had to be spent on agreeing on the direction of new TechNet 21. Now, the challenge is to establish regular functioning mechanisms as described in TechNet 21 Delhi recommendations. We are aware that many TechNet 21 participants for various reasons could not participate in Delhi meeting. The secretariat suggested to share Delhi recommendations with TechNet 21 members to receive their input. In order to make the final tuning in the recommendations, I would appreciate to receive your further comments and inputs not later than 10 September 2001. * Please send your comments /inputs to Umit Kartoglu, by e-mail to: [][/email] (copy to Ms. Cecilia Aedo at [][/email]) or by fax +41 22 791 43 84. Many thanks and warm regards, Umit Kartoglu Dr. Umit Kartoglu Technical Officer V&B/ATT, HTP Room M230 World Health Organization Avenue Appia 20, CH-1211 Geneva 27 Switzerland Tel: +41 22 791 4972; Fax: +41 22 791 4384 Mobile: +41 79 475 5467 e-mail: [][/email] ___________________________________________________________________________ TECHNET 21 RECOMMENDATIONS 31 August 2001, New Delhi, India ___________________________________________________________________________ TechNet was set up to loosely link experts and partner-supporting organizations working in logistics for health. Much of its focus has been on the management and operational logistics of national immunization programmes and the integration of other logistics elements into primary health service delivery in developing countries. The TechNet Forum began on 1 February 1998 as a communications initiative by the TechNet Secretariat, based in GPV WHO and BASICS. Since that time, it has built participation to 511 subscribers. Since that time, much has changed in the immunization world. The staff of the TechNet Secretariat in WHO have moved on, and the department has been reorganized. The Safe Injection Global Network (SIGN) has been developed to consider some of the issues formerly considered by TechNet. The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization has been formed, including many of the same partners represented in TechNet and SIGN. The proceedings of TechNet 1999 gave the clear message that management and implementation of known technologies must be the priority of health services logistics during the next 10 years, although innovation must be encouraged to continue to solve new and unresolved problems. The future is now in implementing and further developing these new approaches. The crying need now is strengthening of immunization management, both programme management and operations management, and to involve immunization managers in developing and testing strategies and policies to achieve this. TechNet 21 aims to reach more developing country managers, including those at sub-national and district levels, WHO and UNICEF country staff, plus the traditional TechNet logistics members. New Delhi 2001 meeting, organized back-to-back with SIGN, welcomed a total of 107 participants including 23 participants representing national EPI programmes from all continents. Participants of New Delhi 2001 meeting agreed on the following major functions of TechNet 21: 1. A network to ensure availability of experts in immunization service delivery, through the posting of needs on the TechNet Forum, and through a validated database of experts kept at the secretariat. 2. A mechanism for generation of ideas on how to improve immunization services at the national level, working with GAVI and its partners, and with countries and regional working groups. 3. A reality check on policy and technology options proposed by WHO and other GAVI partner organizations, bringing a field perspective to these proposals. To achieve these, four major working modalities are defined: 1. REVITALIZATION OF WORKING GROUPS TO ADDRESS EMERGING ISSUES IN THE FIELD OF IMMUNIZATION SERVICE DELIVERY Working Groups should be established to address emerging issues to carry out specific tasks in support of solving operational problems. Working groups should work towards immediately producing a product or a range of products in addressing field problems as well as proposing further research, if necessary. The following working groups were recommended to be established by the TechNet secretariat (not in priority order): * Prevention of vaccine freezing * Vaccine wastage * Time temperature monitoring * Immunization waste disposal * Best practices for cold chain (including certification of cold stores) * Management and supervision tools * Introduction of new vaccines It is recommended that the TechNet secretariat manages and organizes the working groups as well as selecting the members. The methods for carrying out the work of each group require a combination of e-mail, teleconference, and meetings. Each group should be provided terms of reference specifying the product(s) to be delivered. 2. EVOLVING THE TECHNET 21 E-FORUM IN A MORE PRODUCTIVE FORMAT Recent TechNet survey showed readers look for more useful and conclusive information. In light of this, TechNet secretariat should provide the TechNet subscribers with details on the new proposed format to obtain additional feedback. 3. CONVENING REGULAR GLOBAL MEETINGS EVERY 18 MONTHS TechNet should continue having regular global meetings every 18 months. In conjunction with the new role of TechNet 21, national EPI system representation is critical in these meetings to facilitate good experience exchange, feedback from the field and discuss emerging issues that need to be addressed in the short term. 4. ESTABLISHING NEW MECHANISMS TO WORK CLOSELY WITH GAVI TechNet as a network of experienced, technical experts in immunization could be an extremely valuable resource for GAVI groups, if it is effectively engaged. In order to facilitate the interaction between TechNet members and GAVI instruments and to effectively harness the capabilities of the network, the TechNet members suggest the following: * TechNet become an official arm of the GAVI Task Force for Country Coordination and Technical Support. * TechNet should commit to providing best available advice on programmatic and technical issues as requested by GAVI groups. To facilitate access to TechNet members, specific tasks or requests should be provided to TechNet secretariat. The secretariat in turn should pose the request to relevant TechNet members through the TechNet Forum and ask them to provide the appropriate response. * Umit Kartoglu, from the TechNet Secretariat as a member of the GAVI Research and Development Task Force technology agenda steering group, should facilitate TechNet member participation in the development and implementation of technology related activities. ____________________________________*______________________________________

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