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  1. Energize the Chain
  2. Supply chain and logistics
  3. Friday, 23 April 2021

Dear TechNet colleagues,

Energize the Chain (EtC), aims to solve the cold chain problem by the formation of public-private partnerships with Ministries of Health and the cell tower or other power provider industries. With this collaboration we can utilize the energy and connectivity available at mobile phone towers, which are broadly distributed and are sources of constant energy even in regions considered off-grid. 

Our objective is to co-design an uninterrupted end to end cold chain with Ministries of Health so all children and adults can have access to potent vaccines. Thanks to Gavi and our country partners, we have gathered best practices from our deployments in Asia and Africa that I would like to share with the sector. I would welcome a discussion here on how we can create such partnerships to have sufficient and sustainable power supply (cell tower, solar etc) that can serve our cold chain needs for routine and Covid-19 immunization. 

I look forward to your questions and contributions.


Thank you,

Dr. Harvey Rubin 

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