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  1. Joel Coddet
  2. Cold chain equipment
  3. Thursday, 26 May 2016

Hello everyone,

We will in a few days to install the MultiLog 2 central cold chain in Madagascar. We have all the equipment and installation guide. What is missing is a positioning guide of temperature sensors inside the cold rooms. If you have this information, thank you to share to me. On our side, we conducted a temperature mapping to help us in this position.



Cold chain and logistic

OMS/WHO Madagascar

Tom Lewis Accepted Answer

The siting of temperature sensors in cold rooms should follow these general guidelines:-

- Position the sensors where they will not be damaged when moving packages around the room.

- More than one sensor may be needed in a room greater than, say, 4 x 4 x 4m .

- Where possible store the most temperature sensitive vaccines near a temperature sensor so there is a good record/ alarms of temperatures. Set the alarm thresholds to reflect the requirements of these vaccines.

When monitoring temperatures in a cold room for the first time it would be good practice to try out various sensor positions before final fixing to map the temperature distribution around the room.

Remember that

- the temperature profile in the room will be very different when it is loaded with packages.

- that the warmest part of the room will be near the ceiling as warm air, such as it is, rises and it will be coldest at the floor.

Over time, and by having a temperature monitoring history, the cold room manager will be better able to arrange vaccines in the cold room to ensure the best outcome for the stored vaccines and to make the most use of the temperature monitoring technology.

Tom Lewis

Remonsys Ltd, UK

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  2. Cold chain equipment
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