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  2. Cold chain equipment
  3. Wednesday, 03 April 2019

Bula from the Fiji Islands
Im situated in an island here in Fiji and have a problem with my GVR 50 DC solar direct drive refrigerator

The refrigerator is working, compressor light is on but the problem is the generator is powerless maintaining the cold in the refrigerator. Hope you would help me identify the problem and fix it...
With thanks

Dear Bula

I hope you have solved the problem. Check the starting capacitor 180.000 MFD, then the quantity of water 70 litros, the fuses, the voltage 32 VDC, 3.2 amps, temperature on panels surface less than 46°C at noon.

Good luck.

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murat hakan ozturk Accepted Answer

Dear Agnes,

Firstly, I am very sorry for the troubles you are facing. I assume you are a healthcare worker for Fiji MHMS. The first right step is to first inform your National Cold Chain technician (Mr. Snow) and Immunization Officer. Contact me in private if you don't have their numbers. Please don't try to perform any technical maintanence if you are not speficially trained on this and don't contact any private service providers directly without consulting Ministry of Health and Medical Services Officials.

Best Regards,


Procurement Services Specialist

UNICEF Pacific

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Jaishankar Accepted Answer
Kindly connect with Lincoln refrigeration. They are service provider for Godrej Surechill refrigerators. 
Address: 131 Foster Road, Walu Bay, Suva.
Phone: 336 1244 / 336 1493 
Fax: 336 1269 
Mobile: 999 2477 
Jaishankar N
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Alex Pascutto Accepted Answer

Hi there,

Have you had a look at the manual in the cold chain equipment area of the technet website? You may find some information here until the manufacturer or another user posts something here to help you

Keep us posted

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