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  1. Madalyn Ulrich
  2. Programme management
  3. Wednesday, 18 August 2021


The emerging and ongoing challenges of COVID-19 require innovative and agile approaches to program delivery, particularly when addressing vaccine hesitancy across the globe. Responsive Feedback (RF) is a philosophy that operates on observation, experimentation, testing, and improvement to identify factors that may increase program success, and implementing these changes while the program is still active in the field. This approach can help to ensure that immunization professionals become more agile by learning from and acting on the latest key evidence on specific topics, such as vaccine hesitancy while implementing their vaccination programs in communities.

Boost, in partnership with The Curve, will introduce the concept of Responsive Feedback and its benefits in an upcoming live engagement on Tuesday, August 31 at 1:00 PM GMT (find local time).

⭐ During this interactive session, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the responsive feedback approach and its benefits
  • Understand responsive feedback's relevance in 2021 and how it might help to overcome the challenges facing immunization professionals regarding vaccine hesitancy
  • Get an overview of The Curve's Training Curriculum content and approach

This webinar is open to all Boost members, immunization professionals and partners.

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