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  3. Monday, 08 June 2009
Hello, I would like to enquire if someone has worked on setting up a manufacturing plant for safety boxes in Africa. If such an attempt has been made, what have the outcomes been. I am assuming the safety boxes are currently being imported from elsewhere. Regards, Abhisheka Jhunjhunwala
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Dear TechNet member, Please find below some addresses of safety boxes manufactured in South Africa. Triangle Plastics12 St Giles Street, Kensington B, 2194 here is no phone number on this website Apple Plastics Factory 6 & 7, Piet Pretorius Street, Rosslyn, 0200 PO Box52651, Fouriesrus, 0024 [][/email] Telephone 012 541-3360/1 Fax: 012 541-3362 Namron plastics Tel (012) 546-0229 Fax (012) 546-0230 Cell : 082 493-7164 Email [][/email] Postal Address P.O. Box13550, Sinoville, Pretoria 0129 Physical Address 401 Koos De La Rey St , PretoriaNorth, Pretoria 0182 Colleen Wentzel Nampak Centre P.O Box, Sandton, 2146 [][/email] Tel: 011 719 6372 Compass Waste services Jan van den Berg [][/email] CIP Industries cc 296 Samantha StreetStrijdom , Randburg Gauteng, South Africa Tel: ++27 11 793 4420 Fax: ++27 11 792 3213 Best regards
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