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  3. Monday, 18 October 2010
Dear Moderator, Introduction of the pentavalent vaccine into RI in India needs to be considered in the face of evidence that reveals that it may not be so very beneficial. Also when coverage with existing vaccines leaves a lot to be desired, what is the purpose of introducing a new vaccine that may not even be effective against the strains that we see in India Points that need to be considered: 1. The incidence of all-cause pneumonia was 30 per 1000 children under-five, and mortality was 0.3 per 1000 children under-five. Thus mortality is 50 times lower than 14 per 1000 projected by the UNICEF for India. 2. The incidence of invasive Hib disease in Asia, even without immunization was reported as 3 to 9 per 100,000 children-under-5. 3. The NTAGI has recommended that Hib vaccine be introduced in India as pentavalent vaccine combined with DPT and hepatitis B. A Cochrane meta-analysis has however, shown that the combination is less effective than the vaccines given separately.4. There have been adverse side effects, even leading to death, after vaccine introduction in Bhutan and Sri Lanka. The attached editorial that appeared in the July issue of the Indian Journal of Medical Research spells out the issues very clearly Regards, Dr. Omesh Kumar BhartiM.B.B.S.,D.H.M.,M.A.E.(Epidemiology)Directorate of Health Safety and Regulation, SHIMLA, Himachal Pradesh, India.+91-9418120302[][/email]; [email][/email] ##text##
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There were reports of AEFI during the introductory phase of pentavalent vaccine use in Bhutan and Sri Lanka. It became necessary to revert to DPT (triple antigen) at least temporarily after these incidents. So we need to keep back up production of traditional vaccines, even when we start a new combination. It seems possible that- strength of old vaccine strategies and their public acceptability can be undermined by combining them with new vaccines. A gradual transition to new methods and much more research (especially on operational factors in field situations ) is as important or even more important to Vaccine Policy than "marketing" or publicity tactics. We need to put forward a scientific policy, NOT "sell" a "magic potion" .
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