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  1. Larry Schlussler
  2. Supply chain and logistics
  3. Monday, 18 October 2010
As a result of our posting on Tech Net we were made aware of a technique for melting syringes and suspending the needles in the innards of a plastic block formed by the melting plastic syringes. This technique eliminates exposed needles and reduces the volume of the waste by 70%. The technique is described in the article "Oven melting encapsulization of hypodermic needles by syringes" by T. Fortner, H. Wynn, H. Heffner and J. Colton, Journal of Medical Engineering and Technology 2009.  The Sun Frost "Tubular Oven" previously described could be used to form these sterilized blocks. This technique would be more environmental sound then incineration. Please let us know if you can see applications for this technique.

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