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  3. Monday, 30 April 2018

Today is Padmini Menon's last day as TechNet-21 moderator. She has been at the helm of the TechNet forum for moe than ten years, helping members with technical problems, moderating forum activity, managing the TechNet-21 social media channels, and other tasks too numerous to mention. Her tireless work in service of our immunization community has helped to build the platform to what it is today.

15 TechNet Conference 7656

A picture of Padmini (left) with the TechNet-21 team at the recent TechNet Conference in Cascais, Portugal in October 2017.

Thank you, Padmini, for all your hard work, and good luck for the future. You will be missed :-)

Narayana Holla Accepted Answer

Dear Padmini Madam

Better late than never, though late, I wish to express that I am greatly indebted to you for editing the writeups submited, publishing and sharing the posts with social network for wider dissemination because of which RI lovers all over the world could read the field interventions done by me and my team since June 2011. 

with warm regards

Holla n team 

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Olivia Bessat Accepted Answer

Many thanks for everything Padmini, all the best!!

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Omesh K. Bharti Accepted Answer

Good morning,

I am in Kathmandu to attend WHO meeting on Progress towards Rabies illimination. It is Padmini who after careful consideration allowed my posts on Rabies Vaccines into technet group and these posts became famoiffor they were responded all over the globe. 

Now rabies is one of the top agenda of WHO to progress towards Zero human death due to Rabies by 2030.

Thanks Padmini for your contribution to Rabies illimination and hope you would soon get a better opportunity as you deserve it and have the capacity to achieve it.


Dr. Omesh Kumar Bharti

Epidemiologist, Shimla, India'


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James Cheyne Accepted Answer

THANK YOU, Padmini.  You have done an outstanding job over the years and it is you, and you alone, who have supporting TechNet consistently through all its changes for all these years.

I was very sorry to have missed you in Portugal but please stay in touch and I hope we will meet again very soon.


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Denise Accepted Answer

You will be missed, Padmini! Take care, and good luck with your future endeavors! 

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