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  1. Nicole Davis
  2. Programme management
  3. Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Please join MOMENTUM on April 27, 2021 from 8:30-10am EDT for a webinar on Maintaining Focus on Routine Immunization through COVID-19 Vaccination.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, vaccinating priority populations against the virus is a top priority for health systems worldwide. This global focus on vaccines provides an opportunity to elevate the importance of routine immunization and consider new ways to reach under-vaccinated populations with life-saving vaccines. In addition to opportunities mentioned, there may be risks, including diverting health system attention away from routine immunization and possible spillover effects from concerns about COVID-19 vaccine safety. 
This webinar will explore early experiences and strategies to leverage the focus on COVID-19 to strengthen routine immunization. Hear from the USAID Immunization Team, USAID Mozambique, Gavi, and the MOMENTUM Routine Immunization Transformation and Equity project. Register here to join!
Nicole Davis Accepted Answer
Nicole Davis Accepted Answer

Hi all,

MOMENTUM's webinar on Maintaining Focus on Routine Immunization through COVID-19 Vaccination is tomorrow! If you haven't already, you can register here.

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Nicole Davis Accepted Answer

Hi Joseph! The webinar will be recorded and emailed to everyone who registered. We will also post the recording on the USAID MOMENTUM YouTube channel and the USAID MOMENTUM website.

Joseph Little Accepted Answer

By any chance, will the webinar be recorded/posted online for those unable to attend in this time zone?

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