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  1. Magdalena Bastias
  2. Immunization information systems & coverage monitoring
  3. Thursday, 28 February 2019

There is a need for immunisation programmes to maintain high vaccine coverage, for which digital technology offers an opportunity. mHealth initiatives are largely in place already, and vaccine mobile applications are one of them. Vaccine apps that I am aware of provide the user with very useful information; however, this one-way type of information flow makes of the user’s experience a static one. Does anyone have experience with more dynamic vaccine apps or more tailored immunization experiences through mobile apps?

Your feedback will be very much appreciated!

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Noam Arzt Accepted Answer

Seems to me there is no need to base vaccine forecasts on a "simple statistical model." I have posted several times about our open source vaccine evaluation and forecasting software which is ideal for integrating into a mobile app. It uses vaccination history (if present), age, and gender to determine the forecast. You can see an article about this product at

I am happy to provide additional details. This is open source - no cost to adopt or use, all information fully transparent and public:

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Paul Colrain Accepted Answer

Hi Magdalena

I am currently developing a mobile app for health facility managers and district managers to allow them to accurately forecast vaccine needs and effectively monitor vaccine wastage. The methodology is based on a very simple statistical model (see the attached slide show).

The methodology has been endorsed by IPAC and the research will be published in "Vaccine" shortly.

I hope to have the app finished by the end of this year. The app will be freely available. Watch this space!

Cheers, Paul

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Actually, it would be good to know what robust reserach evidence exists suggesting that the use of apps increase vaccination coverage and equity in relation to other existing interventions and in contexts where other programmes (and not only EPI) are also using mHealth tools, particularly in remote rural areas. Any light on this?

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