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  1. Dan Brigden
  2. Cold chain equipment
  3. Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Do you work with WHO PQS-prequalified cold chain equipment – refrigerators and freezers, cold boxes and vaccine carriers, coolant packs, and temperature monitoring devices? If so, you may be interested in the new Cold Chain Equipment (CCE) area of, which includes detailed information on all WHO PQS-prequalified products, including installation and maintenance guides, training resources, brochures, videos, photos, as well as product feedback from TechNet members.

Next month, TechNet will host a webinar on the new CCE area. We will explain how to use the new area, as well as how PQS manufacturers can manage the information and resources provided for their products. An update on the new WHO PQS website will also be provided.

The webinar will take place at 4pm CEST on Thursday, 17 October and will be moderated by Alex Pascutto, TechNet Community Manager. The following experts will also be on the panel:

  • Dan Brigden (WHO EPI)
  • Isaac Gobina (WHO PQS)
  • Matt Morio (PATH)
  • Gemma Huckerby (consultant)
  • Others TBC

The link to the webinar will be provided one week before the date.

Save the date and please join us!


About the CCE area

Every PQS-prequalified CCE product has been given its own page. Each page includes detailed information on that product, including:

  • Product data from the WHO PQS CCE website
  • Resources for the product shared by TechNet members, including technical guidance from WHO, UNICEF, and other partners, installation and maintenance guides, training materials, and manufacturer brochures
  • Videos on the product
  • Feedback from TechNet members on the product

PQS manufacturers with a TechNet account can manage some of the information displayed on their product pages, for example by updating the product description, as well as adding product photos and videos.

Note: the CCE area features technical information available on the WHO PQS Catalogue website. Please refer to this website for official WHO guidance and the latest information on PQS products.

Moderator Accepted Answer

The TechNet webinar on the cold chain equipment area will take place next week at 4pm CEST on Thursday, 17 October

Save the date and register at If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me by private message or just drop a line here. 


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Moderator Accepted Answer

Don't forget to join our first webinar on immunization cold chain equipment today at 4pm CEST!

Register here:

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Moderator Accepted Answer

With some delay due to some technical issues, please find the recording of the TechNet-21 cold chain equipement webinar with an update on the new WHO PQS website which is under construction. You can also download the presentation available on the TechNet library. 

If you have any question, please reply to this post. For any technical assistance to manage your product pages (for PQS manufacturers), please contact the moderator at

Thanks to those who participated, and we hope to see you at the next webinar jointly hosted by UAV for Payload Delivery Working Group (UPDWG) and TechNet-21 on November 7 at 10AM EST (more information and registration on the webinar event page). 

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