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  3. Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Dear immunization and health supply chain professionals,

The Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) initiative has evolved significantly from being solely associated with an assessment tool. It has been transformed to help national programmes make major health systems strengthening investments work as intended – to address the underlying systemic bottlenecks to immunization supply chain performance.

In this context, I am pleased to share with you the WHO and UNICEF continuous Improvement Plan (cIP) guidance note – published here in English (and soon to be available also in French):

--> This document provides detailed guidance on how to plan for continuous ISC improvement: a practical tool for countries to develop improvement strategies, integrate EVM in existing national planning processes, and thus build a robust investment case for immunization supply chains.

The guidance note became possible thanks to cIP champions in a number of countries, who inspired us with their brave efforts and lessons learned. There will be more innovations and lessons as each country works to develop its own cIP. The Guidance note will therefore not remain static but will evolve with these new experiences.

In the coming months, we will launch an interactive process on the TechNet-21 web platform, through moderated discussions on EVM and cIP topics and a country champions group. Please consult the cIP resource page for more information:

We look forward to your engagement, and in the meantime, I would like to wish you, on behalf of the WHO and UNICEF teams, a good reading.

Warm regard,

Ousmane Dia

Dear Ousmane,

Thanks for the information. This will be useful. 



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Thanks for sharing, dear Ousmane. 

Looking forward to receiving the French version for dissemination in other iSC groups. 





Magloire ACHIDI
Senior Supply Chain Consultant - STEP Program Manager
Leadership Management and Coordination Unit
Country Programs - Gavi

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