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  3. Friday, March 17 2017, 12:39 PM

Greetings from Strathmore Business School and Imperial Health Sciences.

Allow me to introduce to you the PharmCom Program as below:


A 2 week (10 working days) Competency based training for Procurement Managers delivered by The Institute of Healthcare Management, Strathmore University Business School

Course Objectives

The Internationally recognized Pharmaceutical Commodity Supply Chain Management Program is specifically designed to equip delegates with an in-depth understanding of supply chain operations and best practices. This course is designed by specialists in the field of Supply Chain and Management, and equips participants with practical learnings to assist in elements of supply chain from operations and procurement to distribution and other key components of managing the health supply chain system. This course promotes a multidisciplinary and integrated approach in line with current trends.

Who should attend?

The training is particularly relevant for staff members that are or may be involved in supply chain operations, procurement, distribution and other key components of the healthcare supply chain system. The training programme specifically caters for those candidates who wish to accomplish both theoretical and practical aspects of supply chain operations.


The theoretical training consists of 3 modules, divided into the following 12 sessions:

• Module 1 Governance, Leadership and Strategy
• Module 2: Management
• Module 3: Health Commodity Supply Chain and Risk Management

Governance, Leadership and Strategy Competencies (2 Days)

Session 1: Governance Standards and Structures in Health Care Organizations
Session 2: Leadership and Change Management in Health Care Organizations
Session 3: Thinking and Establishing the Value Proposition of Health Care Organizations

Management Competencies (3 Days)

Session 1: People Management in Health Care Organizations
Session 2: Financial Management of the Health Care Organization
Session 3: Management of Technology and Innovation (Data Management and Analytics for Health Care Administration)

Supply Chain Management & Operations (5 Days)

Session 1: Supply Chain Management-Introductory concepts
Session 2: Risk management in Supply Chain operations
Session 3: Quality Assurance and Monitoring of Drug Quality
Session 4: Warehouse Management and Distribution Logistics
Session 5: Controlling Drug Expenditures and Ensuring Financial Sustainability of Drug Supplies
Session 6: Field visit (IHS warehouse, Nairobi)

Venue: Strathmore Business School
Dates: 5th -17th June 2017.
Cost: USD 2,000 per person
Phone: +254 (0) 703 034 414/6/7

The cost will exclude the following:

• Flights
• Visa costs
• Per Diems
• Accommodation

About The Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM)

The health industry is one of the fastest growing and constantly evolving industries in the world. In Africa, the industry is rapidly changing and also faces many challenges across all the pillars of the health system. Healthcare providers must therefore be able to understand and respond to new dynamics such as how health organizations are managed, advances in medical and information technology, health policy formulation and implementation, increased competition and growing demands for patient-centered care provision. The Pharmaceutical Commodity Supply Chain Management at Strathmore University Business School provides a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals to develop and enhance a set of skills to respond to these emerging dynamics in healthcare delivery.

About Imperial Health

Imperial Health Sciences, Africa’s leading partner in healthcare supply chain, with operations in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana. Imperial Health Sciences is a leading force in African Healthcare supply chain management. Being able to leverage off Imperial's already established network together with our extensive experience in all channels namely Wholesalers, Private and Public Health Sectors, Doctors, Pharmacies, Hospitals and FMCG , means that we can offer our clients the trust and confidence that is key in the healthcare sector.

What Alumni Say

Flora Karimba- Logistics Officer, National Malaria Program-Malawi
“The class set up was very good. I was able to interact with people from different countries. Strathmore is the best institution I have ever attended and PharmCom is the best course I have taken in my life. A life changing experience.”

Dr. Nazila Ganatra- Assistant Chief Pharmacist, MoH -Mathari National Teaching And Referral Hospital
“I have been to many universities but this was a different experience. The course taught me leadership, HR, and quality. The site visit to the warehouse was a great experience and eye opener. The diverse class composition from different countries was helpful in sharing our experiences. The whole course was mind-blowing!”

Fikru Bekele- Logistics Specialists, USAID Ethiopia
“The interesting part of this training is that it doesn’t only focus on pharmaceuticals. It focuses on the human aspects, the business process that affect the leader and the manager. The course is practical. The use of case studies and group discussions made the training impactful.”

Franc Cooper- Financial Controller National Drug Service, Monrovia -Liberia
"The course structure meets all your needs so as to make a change in one’s country. I was able to learn the financial implications with regard to the supply chain in the pharmaceutical world. The program gave me an opportunity to reflect as a leader. A super ‘fantabulous’ course! Strathmore Business School is the place to be."

Godfrey Muchapireyi- Essential Drugs Officer UNICEF, Harare-Zimbabwe
“The approach was very practical through simulation practices and case studies. The cosmopolitan situation gave us a chance to see how we can solve problems in different scenarios. It was a WOW experience!”


For more information please contact John Mwai on or on mobile +254 728 463 036

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