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Solving immunization supply chain challenges with blockchain technology?

I am really interested in the potential benefits that blockchain technology could bring to immunization. There have been many discussions on vaccine packaging and barcoding as I can recall, and I was wondering if blockchain technology was mentioned (or even central now!) during those discussions, and also if some of you would have some stories to share about using this technology at all.  It seems from several sources, including the

Visibility for Health Systems: Adoption of Global Data Standards (GS1)

Dear colleagues,  Please find attached from the Interagency Supply Chain Group.  Kind regards,  Hitesh  Coordinator for the Interagency Supply Chain Group (ISG)       Hitesh Hurkchand
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Feasibility and Limitations of Vaccine Two-Dimensional Barcoding Using Mobile Devices

In case it's of interest.

Tanzania leading the way with barcodes on vaccine packaging

by Daniel Thornton, GAVI; Henry Mwanyika, PATH; Drew Meek, WHO; Ulrike Kreysa, GS1 A project in Tanzania is exploring how best to implement barcodes on vaccine packaging. By adding barcodes to the shipping containers and secondary packaging used to transport vaccines, project organizers hope to learn how barcode technology can improve supply chain management and vaccine safety in developing countries. Over the last 40 years, barcodes have transformed global supply chains in the packaged fo...

2D Vaccine Barcode Pilot (CDC)

Cross-posted from the CDC website with thanks. In September 2011, CDC initiated a pilot project to test the implementation, using industry barcoding standards, of 2D barcodes on vaccine products. A 2D vaccine barcoding manufacturer's forum was con...

Is it time to start barcoding vaccine labels?

by Drew Meek, WHO/QSS; Sheila Cattell, IFPMA; and Joanie Robertson, PATH In the packaged food and consumer products industries, barcodes have become a way of life. Most large supermarkets around the world use barcode scanners at the checkout counter, and an average smartphone can now scan barcodes. Barcodes make it easy to track the flow of goods from their point of origin to their final destination, to recall products that may pose a safety hazard, and to link a product with a great deal of ...
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