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Role of BCG in attaining “END TB” by 2030

Dear viewers. We the KVG team wish a happy new year and wish to share the post on BCG vaccination. As a question of justice, world wants to end TB by 2030 – the major killer among infectious diseases often hand in glove with HIV / AIDS. India aims to achieve the same by 2025. Specific vaccination with BCG vaccine – one of the oldest vaccine is iterated as the first strategy and more and more evidences are proving the efficacy of the vaccine in preventing the infection ...

My first experience at vaccinating a part of a Vaccination Outreach Programme in Rural India

Hello everyone!
This is my very first post here. I am a 3rd year Student of Medicine(M.B.B.S) studying at KVG Medical College & Hospital, Sullia, India.
Attched is a PDF file which is the original document...Please go through that as it has pictures. Whatever text that follows this is a copy from the PDF file.

BCG & IPV on "Wheals"

Dear viewers
We wish to share our very short study finding with the TechNet viewers for further input and mutual sharing of experiences for the global benefit of closing the imuunization gap.
Introduction of a newer vaccine or any change in vaccination policy provides an opportunity to train / reorient the service providers to revamp the efficiency for immunizing the vaccinated.
Responses by the TechNet members and global Immunization specialists inspired u...

Multi-dose vaccine in ampoules

Hello All,
In the website for WHO PQ vaccines BCG and Yellow Fever are the two vaccines which have multi dose preparations packaged in ampoules. As soon as we open a mulit-dose ampoule and administer the first dose, we are leaving the remining doses in the ampoule exposed to environment (very often the not so clean undersurface of the vaccine carrier as the opened ampoule is kept in a slit in the top sponge and the VC closed).
Grateful if someone can enlighten me about...

'0'OPV and BCG to a newborn in a district hospital.

This is not a new thing. After delivery requesting for an early discharge is a common high risk practice. There is a rising awareness among the community, thanks to social mobilization by the ASHA and the Govt for introducing "ASHA" who accompanies the precious pregnant women who deliver the future citizens of this country. Parents from the lower socioeconomic group feel very very proud and honored if the service providers show a little additional interest and personal appreciation for availi...

Open Vial Use (operational guidlelines)

GoI is planning to put in place open vial policy at the facility level. In that context I would like to get comments from the members on a draft opertional guideline. This has been prepared from WHO and other resources on open vial policy. We intend to draft a pictorial guidlines covering following points. Please let us know if you have comments (please note these are India specific, so some points differ from standard guidelines e.g. keeping of reconstituted vaccines for 4 hrs etc).



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