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Political will for supply chain improvements

On day 4 of the TechNet Conference, I facilitated a roundtable discussion on what it takes to generate political will for supply chain improvements. At each table, participants shared their experiences generating political will and discussed in detail what it took to achieve meaningful change. Below are their observations, grouped into like categories. I am sharing this to remind TechNet subscribers of all the ways in which they can influence political will for supply chain improvem...

WHO-UNICEF guidelines for developing a comprehensive multi-year plan (cMYP)

This IVB document is now online at WHOLIS WHO-UNICEF guidelines for developing a comprehensive multi-year plan (cMYP)(WHO/IVB/14.01) This updated document provides guidance to countries to make national comprehensive multi-year strategic plans (cMYP) for immunization, using the Globa...

Immunization financing database updated with recent CYMPs is online

Cross posted from the 'Global Immunization News' with thanks. Claudio Politi and Daniela Urfer, WHO/HQ The Immunization Financing Database has been updated with cMYPs recently developed by countries and submitted to GAVI in June 2011 for funding proposals to introduce new vaccines. The database contains information extracted from cMYP costing and financing tools of 62 countries. In particular, key data on costing and financing from the immunization plans were selected and included in the databa...
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