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New Materials - Practical guidance to do a vaccination coverage survey

New materials are available on the "Coverage Surveys" page of TechNet-21 ( on the "17 Steps to do a Coverage Survey".

This collection contains a series of documents & presentations outlining the basic steps of a vaccination coverage survey, as well as some presentations on commonly asked questions and variations on a coverage survey. This also contains links to resou...

JUST RELEASED: Book Chapter on Information Systems for EPI (with special section on Electronic Immunization Registries)

A textbook from lectures we used to give at the “Ciro de Quadros Vaccinology Course for Latin America” just got published by the Sabin Institute:

The book is available in English and Spanish.

My chapter on information systems for EPI (part of section 3) is attached.


Handbook on designing and implementing an immunisation information system - European Centre For Disease Prevention and Control

Hereby to share a new resource on IIS produced by the Vaccine-preventable diseases at ECDC in collaboration with partners globally:

Designing and implementing an immunisation information system. A handbook for those involved in the design, implementation or management of immunisation information systems

Gavi Releases Immunisation Supply Chain Software Standards

The Gavi Secretariat has released a global  standards document for immunisation supply chain (iSC) information systems. 

A hallmark of effective supply chains is end-to-end (E2E) visibility of supply and demand data that are used to make decisions and take effective action. For immunisation programmes, a critical success factor is access to accurate, complete and timely data on vaccine utilisation and distribution, the performance and deployment of cold chain equipment (CCE), and the ...

Article reporting updated global coverage estimates recently published

New article on "Global Routine Vaccination Coverage - 2017" was recently published in the CDC MMWR.

Article can be accessed here:


Release of the New JRF data on the web

The WHO website was updated with the most up to data WHO/UNICEF JRF data.

The main launching page for this data is accessible from: . From there you will be able to access:

Country Profiles: that include some...

WHO Software "Highly commended" at BMA book competition

A WHO software application, the Health Equity Assessment Toolkit (HEAT), conceptualized by Ahmad Reza Hosseinpoor and Anne Schlotheuber of the department of Information, Evidence and Research, came "highly commended" in the prestigious British Medical Association (BMA) book competition on 4 September. Readers can use the software on their computers and mobile devices, to assess health equity in countries for a range of indicators and dimensions. Health equity data are visualized in a variety ...

External evaluation results of MyChild Solution based on Smart Paper Technology in Afghanistan. Assessing data quality, operational costs, efficiency gains and transfer of work processes to the existing health system.

Dear colleagues, 

The results of external evaluations assessing MyChild Solution based on Smart Paper Technology in Afghanistan are now available. These evaluations assessed the data quality, operational costs, efficiency gains as well as transfer of work processes to the existing health system in Afghanistan.

In 2015, the Shifo Foundation, the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA), IKEA Foundation, and the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) in Afghanistan started a joint coll...

Routine Immunization Master Register: Data analysis – Points for universal action

Dear colleagues,

Warm greetings from me and KVG team.

On 15th Aug 012, I mailed “Dewalbari – one pager” highlighting the unprecedented lesson learnt by me – taught by Bina, Pumpum, 4 AWS and 4 ASHAs of Dewalbari HSC of Jamtara. On 4th Saturday – 28th July 2014, ANM Mrs Bina screamed and jubilantly declared that her HSC became “IRI free”. Bina et al proved that the strategy of 4 weeks in 4 successive months can rapidly clear the backlog, attain very high coverage (>90%) of both...

Tanzania and Vietnam forge South-South learning exchange to advance electronic immunization registries

As countries increasingly implement and scale electronic immunization registries (EIRs), it will be critical that they exchange lessons and best practices. The BID Initiative, which is led by PATH, in partnership with the governments of Tanzania and Zambia, recently hosted delegates in Tanzania from PATH's Vietnam office and the country's Ministry of Health. Despite their different health contexts and challenges, Vietnam and Tanzania ha...

Celebrating 20 years of immunization data collaboration between WHO and UNICEF

Working together to unlock the lifesaving power of data

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of WHO and UNICEF’s Joint Reporting Form (JRF) on Immunization – a single form used by all countries to record data on national immunization rates and cases of vaccine-preventable diseases; track vaccine supply and pricing; and monitor immunization schedules and policies. Since the introduction of the form in 1998, immunization data for more than 2.7 billion newborns have been recorded using the JR...

Data session at the Global Immunization Meeting (GIM): Successfully Navigating Transitions, Kigali, June 2018

During the GIM conducted in Rwanda in June 2018, a breakout session entitled “Innovations & Transitions for Immunization Data” was moderated by Jan Grevendonk, WHO HQ, and Hope Johnson, The Gavi Alliance. 

Participants discussed the transitions that are taking place with immunization data, such as the move from parallel to integrated systems, aggregate data to individual record keeping, infant to life course vaccination, systems and tools moving from paper to cloud, and the need to mo...

New WHO Vaccination Coverage Cluster Surveys Reference Manual available on Technet

WHO would like to announce that the new WHO Vaccination Coverage Cluster Surveys Reference Manual is available on the Technet website on the Coverage Surveys page.

This document can be downloaded from here: under the section on "Current WHO reference manuals"





OpenLMIS 3.3 Webinar en français

Dear TechNet-21 Colleagues,

The OpenLMIS Community is hosting a French-language webinar this Thursday, May 24 at 6 AM PST / 13h00 UTC on the latest features in the OpenLMIS 3.3 release. Details for the meeting including the call-in number are below, and the event is listed in the TechNet-21 events calendar. 

Hope to see you there! 

Tenly Snow
OpenLMIS Community Manager


Invitation en français 

Salutations chers collègues,


Electronic Immunization Registry: Practical Considerations for Planning, Development, Implementation and Evaluation

This document is designed to support EPI managers and their teams in the implementation of EIR-related information systems, using the various experiences compiled at the global level – and, especially, in the Region of the Americas – as a foundation.

Within this context, the main objectives of this document are as follows:

1) To generate knowledge related to information systems and immunization regis...

SAVE THE DATE: OpenLMIS 3.3 Release Webinar

Greetings TechNet Colleagues,

Please save the date on Thursday, May 10 at 13h00 UTC (6:00 AM PST) when the OpenLMIS Community will host a webinar presenting the latest features in the OpenLMIS software (webinar will be presented in English).

Additional webinars will be presented in French (May 24) and Portuguese (June 7). Further details will be announced closer to the event time, but please feel free to contact us at if...

OpenLMIS 3.3 - New Release Supporting Immunization Supply Chains

Greetings iSC Colleagues,

The OpenLMIS Community is proud to announce the release of OpenLMIS version 3.3, the latest release in the version 3 series specifically supporting immunization supply chains (iSC).

Immunization supply chains are facing a time of decreasing resources and increasing risk, underlining the importance of managing data at all levels. In response to consistent requests to add functionality to address the needs of iSC, OpenLMIS is proud to release the first ...

Strong partnerships and flexible thinking- lessons from innovations to make data quality and use work in Afghanistan

Dear colleagues, 

Wanted to share the recent article we wrote about the big pivot we made in Afghanistan and the story of perseverance and flexibility in partnerships. 

It’s great to collaborate with partners, that persevere on the outcomes and are flexible to change the methods, which for us was shifting from high-tech to smart-tech to make data quality and use a reality in low resource settings.

We are glad that we made that pivot, and 2 years since we started workin...

OpenLMIS Vaccine Module Webinar: November 30 at 8 AM PST

Dear TechNet-21 Members,

Please join OpenLMIS on November 30th at 8 AM PST/ 5 PM CET/ 7 PM EAT for a webinar presenting details on the current roadmap and latest developments in the OpenLMIS v3 vaccine module.

This webinar will serve as a refresher for those involved with the development of the vaccine module and a presentation of the roadmap and recently developed features for those interested in learning more about how OpenLMIS manages vaccines.

Please register in ad...

Role of telehealth for EPI



What is the potential and actual role of telehealth for EPI? has designed a program that measures the monitoring and preventive care applications between physicians and patients/children.


Appreciate your reply.






CDC publishes report on progress in childhood vaccination data in immunization information systems

CDC published Progress in Childhood Vaccination Data in Immunization Information Systems—United States, 2013–2016 ( in the November 3 issue of MMWR (pages 1178–81). A summary made available to the press is reprinted below.

IISs [Immunization Information Systems] are computerized...

Interesting articles related to ICT and Data on PAHO newsletter

PAHO have released a few interesting articles on ICT and Data in their Immunization Newsletter.

Please see attached for further reading.


For the first time, WHO is publishing immunization coverage data at the subnational level reported by 140 Member States worldwide.

Data for over 20 000 subnational entities were received, which represents about two-thirds of all the surviving infants worldwide. The information is essential for countries to target their efforts to address gaps and increase immunization coverage.

By visiting our website ( you will be able to access a summary present...

MENA Regional Workshop on Equity-Informed Microplanning


National and subnational participants from Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Syria gathered at the Dead Sea, Jordan from 25 to 27 September to participate in a MENA Regional Workshop on Equity-Informed Microplanning. The workshop was organized by UNICEF MENARO in close technical collaboration with GAVI, US CDC, JSI, WHO and EMPHNET. The objective of the workshop was to improve the capacity ...

Immunization Academy Update

This month several new data monitoring and supply videos have been added to, including nine new training videos in Swahili. Anyone working in support of EPI can be notified when new videos are added via WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp, text "join" to +255 765 578 712 and you will be added to the Immunization Academy broadcast list. The Immunization Academy is a BMGF-sponsored initiative that provides health professional...

OpenLMIS 3.2 Release - Beta CCE Service

The OpenLMIS community has the pleasure to announce the milestone release of OpenLMIS version 3.2. In line with the version 3 series, 3.2 includes new features in stock management, new administrative screens, targeted performance improvements and a beta version of the Cold Chain Equipment (CCE) service. It also contains contributions from the Malawi implementation, a national implementation that is now live on OpenLMIS version 3.

3.2 represents the first milestone towards the...

Introducing data-driven, remote oversight (Vaccine Supply Chain Futures 4/6)

This is the fourth topic in my six-part Vaccine Supply Chain Futures series (Please see the attached file for the full text)  focused on the introduction of a system of remote temperature monitoring integrated with equipment maintenance management.

Remote temperature monitoring systems represent an opportunity for a system-wide improvement in the performance of equipment maintenance and consequently, more reliable vaccine distribution. Remote temperature monitoring automatically trans...

BID Initiatives launches new briefs -- recommendations and lessons learned!

Dear all,

Routine immunizations and new vaccine introductions are two best buys in global health. But while immunization coverage has increased dramatically in the last decade, more must be done to ensure every child is reached. To bridge this gap, we need reliable, easily accessed and actionable data on the barriers impeding immunizations, coupled with trained data users at all levels of the health system. The BID Initiative is grounded in t...

Visibility for Health Systems: Adoption of Global Data Standards (GS1)

Dear colleagues, 

Please find attached from the Interagency Supply Chain Group. 

Kind regards, 


Coordinator for the Interagency Supply Chain Group (ISG)




Hitesh Hurkchand
Interagency Supply Chain Group
Hosted by the World Health Organization 
Mobile: +1.917.975.9743 [WhatsApp, Viber]
Skype: hitesh_h

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