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Gavi Releases Immunisation Supply Chain Software Standards

The Gavi Secretariat has released a global  standards document for immunisation supply chain (iSC) information systems. 

A hallmark of effective supply chains is end-to-end (E2E) visibility of supply and demand data that are used to make decisions and take effective action. For immunisation programmes, a critical success factor is access to accurate, complete and timely data on vaccine utilisation and distribution, the performance and deployment of cold chain equipment (CCE), and the ...

Does your immunization programme use refrigerated vehicles to deliver vaccines?

Good morning,

If your immunization programme uses a refrigerated vehicle WHO needs your insights and experience to help guide and improve the standards of these vehicles.

Take this opportunity to share your expertise with the community and contribute to global improvements.  Please post your answers to TechNet-21 to three questions below:

Excluding routine servicing, has the vehicle needed to be repaired over the past three years? Inside the refrigerated body have you ...

SPOTLIGHT: Partnership with Red Cross in Lebanon for Off-grid solar generator with lithium battery storage backpack

Green Energy Limited has developed an off-grid solar generator with lithium battery storage backpack. It is designed to provide continuous off-grid electricity to refugees, disaster victims, medical clinics, schools and matches domestic electricity requirement. We have been conducting a project in Lebanon since April with the Red Cross, testing the performance of our backpack in various settings. 

Attached is our latest off-grid solar backpack with lithium battery storage. To stay con...

Invitation to the Africa Conference on Healthcare Delivery (AHD Conference) 2018, Abuja, Nigeria, June 25-27

Dear Colleagues,

You are cordially invited to the Africa Conference on Healthcare Delivery (AHD Conference) 2018, which is to be held in Abuja, Nigeria, June 25-27. The theme of the conference is: "Social Innovation and Health Supply Chain: Engaging Communities and Health System Actors to Develop Local Solutions for Health Supply Chain Challenges."

See attached call for abstracts and conference flyer for details. For additional information regarding the meeting, including regi...

Off-Grid Portable Vaccine Refrigeration

I am developing an off-grid backpack with an inbuilt removal battery powered (8hrs) portable refrigerator that is approx 1.5 litre in size and can transport 2 blood bags. The off-grid backpack has 48hrs of battery supply to the portable refrigerator, however, it is designed to be recharged daily. Our vision is to provide a waterproof backpack that has in-built refrigeration that can provide additional electricity for lighting and other appliances that maybe be useful in the field and that can...

JSI White Paper on UAVs: What should you deliver by unmanned aerial systems?

Cross-posted from the JSI website with thanks!

inSupply, JSI’s regional supply chain consulting center in East Africa, in partnership with Llamasoft and the Nichols Group, recently examined the potential for employing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to deliver life-saving and other commodities within a public health system. They examined the cost-effectiveness of UAVs versus a motorcycle-based system and other well-run forms of land transport, using three sets of data from Afri...

Les inscriptions pour la formation en Logistique de Vaccination sont ouvertes

Le Centre LOGIVAC organise la 3è édition de la formation en Logistique de Vaccination, du 09 avril au 04 mai 2018. Les dossiers d’inscription seront reçus jusqu’au 24 mars 2018.

Délivrée entièrement en face-à-face à destination du personnel de santé chargé de la gestion logistique du programme de vaccination aux différents niveaux de la pyramide sanitaire, la formation en logistique de vaccination répond aux nouveaux enjeux de santé publique.

A travers des cours présentiels et...

Vaccine Transport Supplies Recommendation


I am in need of the following items and I am looking for supplier recommendations. Just need a few of each for R&D.


Empty vaccine vials with stoppers Glycol solution for vaccine vials Portable vaccine cooler (used to carry vaccine to remote locations)


Thanks for the help



SOPs for the management and Control of Cold Room fridges

hello every body

Can you please share with me your SOPs for the managment and control of cold rooms.

Best regards,



Free access: New issue of Health & Humanitarian Supply Chain Review magazine!

Dear Colleagues,

PSA is pleased to share the new issue of “Health & Humanitarian – the supply chain review” magazine.

In this issue, read about:

Vaccine Distribution in DRC by VillageReach The professional career of Joanie Robertson, PATH The Yeksi Naa Project from Senegal by Modibo Dicko Procurement reforms by SAMES in Timor-Leste

and more…

Access your free copy here:


B Medical Systems Appoints Raja Rao as Director of Immunization Logistics

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Raja Rao as Director of Immunization Logistics effective January 22, 2018. In his new role, Mr. Rao, who has over 20 years of experience in global health and development, will head initiatives aimed at strengthening vaccine cold chain and delivery systems across more than 100 countries, particularly in the developing world, represented mainly as members of Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance.


Please find hereafter a press release with mor...

White Paper on Cost Effectiveness of UAS for Cargo Delivery

As more low- and middle-income countries explore opportunities to improve their public health supply chains and diagnostics networks, knowing how best to use unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to improve reach in the last mile is critical. Under the inSupply project, JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc., and our partners LLamasoft, Inc. and the Nichols Group provide objective guidance for countries and public health stakeholders on how to make informed decisions about which health products to p...

Soren Spanner's death

Soren Spanner died in hospital in Denmark on the 28th December, I am told by his sons.

Soren was dedicated to help build cold chain systems all over the world and he was a true expert in refrigeration. I was fortunate to meet him in the early 1980s and we remained close, working friends for the next thirty seven years. Many others who worked with him in African and Asian countries will remember his tireless enthusiasm in field work and repair and maintenance training. 


Last Mile Delivery for Public Health Supply Chains

Measuring Accountability for Last Mile Delivery

The Interagency Supply Chain Group (ISG) comprising of 15 global agencies are actively involved in supporting supply chain efforts across all disease areas. The purpose of this group is to provide better coordinated and more effective support to country efforts in ensuring sustainable access to high-quality essential health commodities. The group meets quarterly to address priority issues, with technical working groups established for sp...

Home-based record stock-outs: updated data

A new report has been released that updates information on the occurrence of home-based record (e.g, vaccination cards, child health books) stock-outs. The open access article can be accessed online, and is also attached here.

Similar to vaccine stock-outs, disruptions in the supply chain of home-based records (HBRs) are avoidable events that create inefficiencies...

APPLY NOW : Empower's 8th International Workshop on Quality Assurance in PSM

​​Dear TechNet Members,


We are pleased to announce that Empower School of Health (ESH), a Centre of Excellence for Global Health Supply Chain Management, is organizing 8th INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON QUALITY ASSURANCE IN PROCUREMENT & SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT, scheduled from 29th Jan – 02nd Feb, 2018 in GOA, INDIA.

The key topics being covered are:

Pharmaceutical Product Quality Rational Quality Assurance System National Qua...

IAPHL Webinar may focus on integrated distribution of medicines and vaccines

IAPHL are debating the agenda for their next Webinar. Some are suggesting a focus on aspects of logistics integration for CD and NCD programs. For me, this is the 'Elephant-in-the-room' of future distribution strategy for country health pogrammes. Incorporating the distribution of vaccines and the fast-growing category of medicines that require cooling (i.e. insulin) and CT storage would have much to discuss, including the following three strategic issues:

1. Defining and achieving hi...

Scaling up of the Informed Push Model Project (IPM) in Senegal

The IPM Project (funded by the Gates Foundation and "MSD for Mothers" - Merck - and implemented by the Senegalese Ministry of Health with technical support from Intrahealth International) managed to cross the "Death Valley" where many projects die after successful pilot phases. Indeed, since October 1, 2017 it is no longer Intrahealth that implements IPM but rather the National Supply Pharmacy (PNA) of Senegal! The struggle lasted 5 years, i.e. two years longer than expected. The horizontal s...

People that Deliver Newsflash October 2017

The October edition of the People that Deliver Newsflash is now available:

In this issue: 

PtD elects a new Chairperson Building a strong supply chain workforce in Ghana The transition of the public health supply chain for medical commodities in Kenya News from our Board member organizations Resource spotlight Upcoming events

Should you hav...

Advancing distribution technologies and techniques

This is the second topic in my six-part Vaccine Supply Chain Futures series, and concerns advancing technologies of cooled-distribution. Pleae share your thoughts!

What advances in technology and technique--available now or in the near future--that are likely to be critical success factors for the vaccine supply chain? I propose four important advances:

Distribution of supplies in today’s world is achieved by pre-planned, regular, timely delivery from higher level to lower leve...

Vaccine Supply Chain Futures 1/6: Merging vaccine and medicine distribution

Friends and Family of Immunization, I hope you will join me over the next six weeks before the TechNet Conference in Portugal to debate important futures for the vaccine supply chain. Each week, I will start a discussion on a topic and ask for your reactions. If you participate, you will also have the chance each week to respond to an online survey, just one or two questions, to ...

Addressing Adoption and Sustainability of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in Public Health

Dear colleagues,

Please find attached from the Interagency Supply Chain Group.

Kind regards,
Coordinator for the Interagency Supply Chain Group (ISG)


Hitesh Hurkchand
Interagency Supply Chain Group
Hosted by the World Health Organization
Mobile: +1.917.975.9743 [WhatsApp, Viber]
Skype: hitesh_h
New York, New York


Registrations Open - ePGD in Procurement & Supply Chain Management - September 2017


​​Empower School of Health launches the next batch of the online ​​Post Graduate Diploma in Global Health Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSCM), in collaboration with ​​Kent State University (KSU) & UNAIDS.

How this programme Empowers you:
- Opportunities with leading organizations (UN organisations and MoHs)
- On-demand mentorship on PSCM subjects related to Public Health
- Holistic understanding of supply chain
- Empower Yourself for G...

Empower launches Indian Resource Centre for Public Health Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Dear Public Health, Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals,

Greetings from Empower School of Health, a research, consulting and academic institute focused on building capacity at scale. We have delivered over 1 million hours of training to several thousand people across 50 countries and 48 organizations.

As part of our capacity building efforts, we are pleased to announce the launch of an Indian Resource Centre for Public Health Procurement & Supply Chain Manage...

Shortage of Anti Diphtheric Serum

Dear Friends,

This week, we have seen two patients with diphtheria in our district Bilaspur in chhattisgarh. One was a 6 year old boy from Kharasiya village who came sick to the regional medical college with heart failure and inability to swallow liquids. He could not get the much needed Anti diphtheritic serum which could have saved him, and he died after 48 hours. The other child is a 13 year old girl from village Ghonghadih who came with fever and inability to swallow any fluids or...

"Quality Risk Management Mental Modelling: Examples of exposure in everyday life" is now available for free download

Dear colleagues,


"Quality Risk Management Mental Modelling: Examples of exposure in everyday life" with 15 chapters, 120 photographs, 89 references, countless tables and graphs, links and QR codes to 13 videos as well as 26 best quotes on risk management is now available in printable interactive PDF and interactive ePUB3 formats from 



Immunization Supply Chain Management Experts Pool

UNICEF supports countries in achieving their national immunization goals. The achievement of these goals depend on having strong Immunization Supply Chains Management (ISCM) systems in place that are routinely assessed and improved through the comprehensive Effective Vaccine Management Assessment. The objectives for ISCM are to achieve adequate supply for every immunization session without temperature damage and at the lowest possible cost per fully immunized child.

To achieve these o...

Lesson learnt from PHC Kollamogru: Year April 2016 to March 2017.

Dear viewers

Sharing the following with the viewers who are the true Polio Eradicators / planners / managers / authorized implementers & policy makers of the programme

Good intentions alone are not enough for the successful outcome. Intention of healing is always good but it can produce stricture with consequent obstruction and dilatation of proximal part leading to long term complications.

Since April 2016, GOI introduced two doses of Inactivated Polio Vaccine as an e...

Next IAPHL Discussion: Mind the Gap: Linking Program and Supply Chain Data

If you haven't seen on IAPHL, next week starts a new discussion relevant to our TechNet community. Details are below. If you aren't yet signed up on IAPHL, you can do so here:

Dear IAPHL community,

We are excited to announce the topic of our next moderated discussion, set to start on Monday June 12th--

Mind the Gap: Linking Program and Supply Chain Data.

The most recent IAPHL discussion on quantification noted that generally population/demogra...

Imperial Short Courses: June to August 2017 Open For Registration!

Dear Colleagues,

Take a moment to think about what health care providers use every day to treat patients. Providers use a myriad of items, such as syringes, prescriptions drugs, gloves and many more. Employees involved in healthcare supply chain management are responsible for stocking organizations with the products providers need and managing inventory.

However, managing supply chain is not as simple as making sure providers have enough gloves. Imperial is offering the newly ...