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Ebola vaccine trial in Sierra Leone battles against fear and logistics

From today's Guardian Health workers face suspicion and a lack of cold storage as they test the Ebola vaccine Dr Tamba Manye, who works for the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Tonkolili, says logistics need to be imp...

FIELD REPORT: Advocacy for Immunization Financing Resuming in Liberia

Dear colleagues, As the Ebola outbreak recedes in Liberia, advocacy champions from the Ministry of Health, parliament, and international agencies are keen to reinitiate momentum towards passing the immunization law, reassembling the multi-institutional immunization financing coalition, and increasing the national immunization budget to an adequate amount. Please find attached a brief report covering a Sabin/SIF program field mission to these countries, where these ini...

Guidance for immunization programmes in the African Region in the context of Ebola

A new WHO Information Note concerning the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is now available on the WHO website. As a public health emergency of international concern, the rec...

Community Service on Ebola - Please share widely

Cross-posted from the with thanks! Dear Friends, Could you please share this easy-to-digest message out to the West African public through your various means? It is very well done and provides people with the information they require to stop the spread of Ebola. And in this case Prevention is MUCH MUCH better than cure. Many thanks E
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