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Immunization Supply Chain Action Plan

Dear TechNet Members,

Bhutan is going to develop Immunization Supply Chain Action Plan as a recommendation of the Regional ISC review meeting 2017. Appreciate if members could kindly share the sample of similar action plan for us to have an idea. 




WHO-UNICEF cIP Guidance Note launch and review process

Dear immunization and health supply chain professionals,

The Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) initiative has evolved significantly from being solely associated with an assessment tool. It has been transformed to help national programmes make major health systems strengthening investments work as intended – to address the underlying systemic bottlenecks to immunization supply chain performance.

In this context, I am pleased to share with you the WHO and UNICEF contin...

EVM questionnaire for research purpose

Good day...i'm planning to use EVM as one of my tools to acess the vaccine management in my country in few selected primary health care centers in remote areas. Clearly my country is not using this it advisable for personal research use? Im quite attracted to the scopes that the survey covers, its comprehensive. 


Launched today: Special Edition of Vaccine “Building Next Generation Immunization Supply Chains"

PATH is pleased to present “Building Next Generation Immunization Supply Chains” a special edition of Vaccine journal which brings together evidence from global experts in 31 articles representing decades of work by country governments, implementing partners, and donors to improve immunization supply chains (iSC). The articles address the impact of iSC on vaccine coverage, current challenges, and successful pilots, prom...

EVM Assessment

Dear All

Please help solving this problem in EVM assessment tool. I am unable to use tick box options in electronic version of assessment tool. Please help.




New Statement on Strengthening the Immunization Supply Chain through comprehensive EVM

Dear TechNet Community,

WHO and UNICEF are pleased to announce the release of a new Joint Statement on Achieving immunization targets with the comprehensive effective vaccine management (EVM) framework.

This statement uncovers the cornerstone to the WHO-UNICEF immunization supply chain strategy to support countries strengthen supply chains by 2020. Supply chains are a fundamental system component to achieve vaccination coverage and equity targets set by the Global Vacc...

Why Conduct Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) Assessment?

Abstract from an article written by our EPI Ghana team. Comments are welcome!

For the full article please go to:

Background: WHO and UNICEF supported Ghana to conduct Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) assessments in September 2010 and October 2014 respectively with the view...

EVM Assessment Tool version 1.1.0 is released

The new WHO EVM Assessment Tool (version 1.1.0) is available for download from the EVM restricted access website: The attached release note briefly summarizes the changes made to the tool. Please download and install the new tool – important changes have been made. In particular, the tool has been upgraded to ...

EVM Assessment

I am writing to the group in hopes to receive some insight into EVM Assessments. Are countries require to post their results online? Is there are repository of this results somewhere? Thank you for your help, -- Sincerely, Tatiana Viecco University of Cambridge Student Sidney Sussex College Mphil in Engineering for Sustainable Development Jack Kent Cooke Scholar...

EVM Assessment Tool version 1.0.9 is released

The new WHO EVM Assessment Tool (version 1.0.9) is available for download from the EVM restricted access website: . To install the tool: • Login to the restricted access website • Click Get EVM Tools • Download the Assessment Tool Installer (version 1.0.9) • Unzip the file • Double-click on the file EVMAsse...

EVM assessment highlights supply chain improvements in Vietnam

by Nguyen Van Cuong, NEPI, and Vu Minh Huong, PATH

Earlier this year, Vietnam’s National Expanded Programme on Immunization (NEPI) conducted an Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) assessment to evaluate the country’s immunization logistics systems. The results reveal that key improvements have been made since the previous assessment was conducted in 2009.

The EVM assessment and plann...

CCL Taskforce evaluates the EVM Assessment Tool

by Osman Mansoor and Kate Bai, UNICEF; Andrew Garnett, Consultant; and Solo Kone, WHO In December 2011, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) hosted a workshop in New York for the Cold Chain and Logistics (CCL) Taskforce. The main focus of the workshop was to review the Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) Assessment Tool and methods. Participants also reviewed a guidance mapping effort for CCL tasks and discussed plans for increasing UNICEF support for CCL as part of a refocus on immuniza...

CCL Taskforce Meeting to review the EVM: Seeking your inputs

The Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) assessment tool, jointly launched by WHO and UNICEF at the first global Effective Vaccine Management Assessors’ training in Cairo, July 2010, captures the best features of earlier tools (EVSM and VMA). The EVM provides a standard way to systematically assess the cold chain and logistics (CCL) system and to identify areas that need improvement, that is captured in an EVM Improvement Plan. WHO and UNICEF have, with GAVI funds, supported 21 national EVM as...

The first global training on effective vaccine management

The first global training on effective vaccine management by Hailu Makonnen Kenea, Souleymane Kone, and Modibo Dicko from WHO; and Andrew Garnett, consultant. On July 29, 2010, after ten days of intensive and interactive training, 29 global, regional, country, and independent cold chain and logistics individuals completed the first training course on effective vaccine management (EVM) (

A New, Comprehensive, Effective Vaccine Management Tool

A New, Comprehensive, Effective Vaccine Management Tool by Osman David Mansoor, Senior Advisor EPI, UNICEF; Hailu Kenea, Technical Officer EPI, WHO; and Andrew Garnett, PATH Consultant Following a consultative meeting held at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva on March 9 & 10, 2009, WHO and the United Nations Children’s Fund recently completed field testing for a new effective vaccine management (EVM) tool that addresses current and anticipated challenges in vaccine management. Th...
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