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JUST RELEASED: Book Chapter on Information Systems for EPI (with special section on Electronic Immunization Registries)

A textbook from lectures we used to give at the “Ciro de Quadros Vaccinology Course for Latin America” just got published by the Sabin Institute:

The book is available in English and Spanish.

My chapter on information systems for EPI (part of section 3) is attached.


Editorial from EPI Monthly Feedback Bulletin from AFRO East and South (August-October 2017): The use of innovations (ODK) supporting country level Integrated Supportive Supervision real time documentation.

As part of the WHO African region efforts to improve immunization and surveillance performances in terms of quality, effectiveness, efficiency, coverage and equity and in order to strengthen the capacity of policy makers and health providers in countries, there is a need for accurate data in order to gauge the effectiveness of existing policies and programs in health care system to make it more accessible and reliable.

Guided by the WHO regional office, the IVD cluster of the Inter-co...

Managing Proof of delivery

How best can a less developed country like Uganda conduct a cost effective POD in real time after trucks have delivered?


Supply chains and GIS: How geography can strengthen the analysis of supply chains

Cross-posted from the IAPHL forum with many thanks! Dear IAPHL members, Firstly, thanks to Victoria, Kamran, Gashaw, Wendy, and Prashant for providing their insights.They show the variety of value that GIS provides to logistics, I have categorized them into four different areas; OPERATIONAL/MONITOR AND EVALUATION - Monitor commodity consumption, stock status and stock out patterns. Use of interactive mapping (web maps) TRANSPORTATION - Route planning, available distribution routes, and tran...
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