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"GO AUTHENTIC: ACTIVITIES THAT SUPPORT LEARNING" is now available for free download

The underground classic that explains how authentic activities help learners explore, discuss, and meaningfully construct new knowledge, GO AUTHENTIC: ACTIVITIES THAT SUPPORT LEARNING is now available for free download.

When Risintha from Sri Lanka told me that he would never be the same again because he had discovered a life beyond PowerPoint, I thought that I had to share our approach to creating transformational value through authentic learning.

The course activities that I...

HR Country Support Package for Immunization SC Managers

The HR Country Support Package for Immunization SC Managers is available!

The success of immunization systems in countries through the past decades can be attributed to a large extent, to the supply chain and logistics system. This system is one of the backbones of national immunization programmes (EPI) that strives to ensure the uninterrupted availability of quality vaccines and devices, from the national level through to the service delivery points in rural and r...

People that Deliver Launches a New Resource for Health Supply Chain Practitioners: the Human Resources for Supply Chain Management Theory of Change

People that Deliver Launches a New Resource for Health Supply Chain Practitioners: the Human Resources for Supply Chain Management Theory of Change

Like all chains, supply chains are no stronger than their weakest link. Although hundreds of millions of dollars in commodities flow through the health supply chain (SC) system, the critical, strategic function of the supply chain within health systems is rarely acknowledged—and the SC workforce seldom has the right technical and manageria...

APPLY NOW - International Workshop on Scientific Writing_17-21 October 2018_Bangkok

Dear Colleagues,

Empower is organizing the International Workshop on Scientific Writing, scheduled from 17th to 21st October 2018, in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The overall aim of this workshop is to develop the skills of the professionals in conceptualizing, writing and publishing high-quality manuscripts in peer-reviewed international and national journals.  In addition, participants will learn the publication process from a journal editor's perspective, including the selection of ...

Ongoing Registrations for Empower's PGD in PSCM_September 2018

Dear Colleagues,

The 14th Batch of the Post Graduate Diploma Course in Global Health Procurement and Supply Chain Management is scheduled to launch in September 2018.

This is an 11-month ONLINE program wherein there are 9 modules. The course is structured to address one topic area per month for 8 months, starting with a module on introduction to PSM and ending with PSM support functions and systems. Each module is supported by Assignments, MCQ's and Assessments. Th...

Routine Immunization Master Register: Data analysis – Points for universal action

Dear colleagues,

Warm greetings from me and KVG team.

On 15th Aug 012, I mailed “Dewalbari – one pager” highlighting the unprecedented lesson learnt by me – taught by Bina, Pumpum, 4 AWS and 4 ASHAs of Dewalbari HSC of Jamtara. On 4th Saturday – 28th July 2014, ANM Mrs Bina screamed and jubilantly declared that her HSC became “IRI free”. Bina et al proved that the strategy of 4 weeks in 4 successive months can rapidly clear the backlog, attain very high coverage (>90%) of both...

International Workshop and Coaching on Strategic Leadership and Management_Ghana_October 2018

Dear Colleagues,


Empower is pleased to announce the International Workshop and Coaching on Strategic Leadership and Management, scheduled from 9-11 October 2018 in Accra, Ghana. It’s a 3 day, in-person workshop with 6 months of mentorship and coaching. This Global Health Leadership Program is being organised by Empower, in collaboration with John A. Kufuor Foundation and INSEAD Humanitarian Research Group. The program includes a keynote address by H.E. John Agyekum Kufuor, t...

Registrations Open - International Workshop on Scientific Writing - 17-21 October 2018_Bangkok

Dear Colleagues,


Empower is organizing the International Workshop on Scientific Writing, scheduled from 17th to 21st October 2018, in Bangkok, Thailand. 


The overall aim of this workshop is to develop the skills of the professionals in conceptualizing, writing and publishing high-quality manuscripts in peer-reviewed international and national journals.  In addition, participants will learn the publication process from a journal editor's perspective, includi...

Workshop in Geneva_Ensuring Universal Health Coverage by Promoting Access to Life-Saving Medicines_August 2018

Empower is organizing the third International Workshop and Study Tour on Ensuring Universal Health Coverage by Promoting Access to Life-Saving Medicines in Geneva, Switzerland scheduled from 20th to 24th August 2018. It’s a 5-day workshop and our participants will be public health professionals, program officers, supply chain professionals from various Ministries of Health, UN agencies, donor agencies, private and civil society organizations.

The Key Topics to be covered during...

TechNet-21 Careers: your gateway for immunization jobs

Hi TechNet-21 members!

Browsing and submitting vacancies has never been easier on TechNet-21

Our new Careers area centralises all the immunization job-related information you need, whether you are a job-seeker or an employer.


Browse our jobs listings to find the latest immunization jobs worldwide.


Those of you seeking to improve their professional career prospects, bookmark; a new one-stop platform for development and empowerment of individual health supply chain workers. The site combines a Job Board with daily updates, as well as a comprehensive Resource Directory for learning and development. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive weekly vacancy updates. Download the Android App from the Google Play Store.


Successful completion of the International workshop on Ensuring Product Quality in PSM (April 2018)

Dear Colleagues,

The agenda of the ‘International Workshop in Ensuring Product Quality in Procurement and Supply Chain Management’ was to present face-to-face opportunity to the participants from National Medical Supplies Fund (NMSF), Federal Ministry of Health, Sudan in gaining a comprehensive understanding of concepts of Quality Assurance (QA) of pharmaceutical products and processes in procurement and supply chain.

The workshop was held in Al-Fateh Idris Hall in the Abdul H...

A Snapshot on the 4th session of Logivac Training on Supply Chain Management

National vaccine logistics systems, originally designed in the 1980s, are today confronted to a real revolution in the following aspects:

Broader range of vaccines and greater diversity of service delivery strategies Solarization and digitization of the supply chain: CCEOP, remote temperature monitoring, etc. Integration of products from other health programs and supply chain streamlining.

To address the growing complexity of their supply chains, EPI and other public health pro...

Point sur la 4ème session de formation Logivac sur la gestion de chaînes d’aprovisionnement

Les systèmes nationaux de logistique vaccinale, conçus au départ dans les années 80, sont aujourd’hui confrontés à une véritable révolution qui se décline sous les aspects suivants :

Gamme plus étendue de vaccins et diversité plus grande des stratégies de prestation de services Solarisation et digitalisation de la chaîne logistique : CCEOP, suivi à distance des températures, etc. Intégration des produits des autres programmes de santé et optimisation des chaînes logistiques.


B Medical Systems Appoints Raja Rao as Director of Immunization Logistics

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Raja Rao as Director of Immunization Logistics effective January 22, 2018. In his new role, Mr. Rao, who has over 20 years of experience in global health and development, will head initiatives aimed at strengthening vaccine cold chain and delivery systems across more than 100 countries, particularly in the developing world, represented mainly as members of Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance.


Please find hereafter a press release with mor...

Soren Spanner's death

Soren Spanner died in hospital in Denmark on the 28th December, I am told by his sons.

Soren was dedicated to help build cold chain systems all over the world and he was a true expert in refrigeration. I was fortunate to meet him in the early 1980s and we remained close, working friends for the next thirty seven years. Many others who worked with him in African and Asian countries will remember his tireless enthusiasm in field work and repair and maintenance training. 


Should we be confidently proud of the global improvements on immunization coverages? What can we do better to improve temperature monitoring in vaccine cold chain and ensure potent vaccines are usually used to vaccinate our clients?

Most of the countries now have improved immunization coverages and reach more children with vaccination, but we still need to monitor the potency of vaccines that are given on top of the high coverages we have achieved in many countries.

One of the biggest challenges when we talk about vaccine potency is the storage condition and to be more specific “the storage temperature”. Most of the vaccines are either heat or freeze sensitive and we need to monitor the storage temperatures more...

Have you included pharmacists in your immunization plan?

Dear TechNet-21 Community,

For many years, pharmacists have been involved in supply chain and supporting campaigns to support immunization by patients, but they are more and more involved in the delivery of immunization services (adding up to the existing immunization team).

This was highlighted in its last FIP report "An overview of current pharmacy impact on immunisation: A global report" (see attachment).

This report was based on data collected from 45 coun...

NEW Book: Health and Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chains - A Career for Women

Book Release: Health and Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chains - A Career for Women

By Pamela Steele and Katie Agius

When disasters strike – earthquakes, floods, outbreaks of disease, ...

New comprehensive i+ academy catalogue for online supply chain management course

Dear colleagues,

You can now access i+academy comprehensive catalogue for online supply chain management (SCM) courses.

All online courses can be delivered as face-to-face, blended and on-the-job (OJT) learning courses.

Click on this link. You can also copy and paste the web link.

Course catalogue: http://www.iplusacademy.or...

Health and Immunization Supply Chain Leadership Regional Conference

Agence de Médecine Préventive (AMP) and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, co-organized a regional conference ‘Leadership for Healthcare and Vaccination Supply Chain’ in Côte d’Ivoire on 13 and 14 June. The goal was to educate developing countries about the importance of investing in order to modernize the supply chain for healthcare products and vaccines.Under the patronage of his Excellency Dr.Raymonde Goudou Coffie, Côte d’Ivoire’s Health and Public Hygiene Minister, the conference brought togeth...

Impact of tool and the approach – A comparative study amongst 3 PHCs: Guthigar and Kollamogru of Dakshina Kannada Vs Sampaje of Kodagu

Dear viewers

The Academic Society Meet scheduled on 23rd March 2016 is held today as the local Govt officials were unable to attend on 23rd March 2016 due to series of IPV & Bivalent switch training. On presenting the comparative study in the Academic Society Meet, we are sharing the same with the TechNet community...

The new People that Deliver Newsflash is online!

The new People that Deliver Newsflash is now available!

In this issue:
- Gavi People and Practices Working Group with PtD introduces: HR Country Support Package
- Supply Chain Management in the Dominican Republic
- Opportunities for Stronger Private and Public Sector collaborations

For the full Newsflash, please go to:

Experiences from Gundmi Mission Indradahunsh session of Nov 2015

On visiting Gundmi sub centre, vaccination data was collected, analysed and the results were shared as a "brekthrough" with the health care service providers, Taluk Health Officer, RCH Officer, District Health Officer and all the higher officers up to the centre and with the TechNet 21 community. Gundmi conducted Mission Indradhanush session on 7th Nov and the observations will be of great help and use to the policy makers of India to save resources, HR Fatigue, most important achieving the g...

New Assessments Shed Light on Tanzania’s Human Resource Capacity in Public Health Supply Chain Management

The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT and People that Deliver developed theHuman Resource Capacity Development in Public Health Supply Chain Management: Assessment Guide and Toolto help public health supply chain managers in developing countries assess and improve the management of their human resources. It provides a structured, rating-based methodology designed to collect data needed for a rapid, comprehensive assessment of the capacity of the human resource support system for a country’s suppl...

We need you! Supply Chain Manager Landscape Assessment - extended until June 19th! - in English and French

Thank you to all the countries who have responded so far to the supply chain manager survey (Benin, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Guinea, Tanzania, Tonga, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan). We would like to hear from all the other Gavi countries: your input will be extremely valuable. To take the survey, please click on the following link: Please send us your responses by F...

Managing the iSC System: A Snapshot from the TechNet 14 Conference

TechNet 2015 Day 3 tackled Managing the System: Human Resources for Supply Chain Management and Data for Management. These two themes are closely linked.People are the sources of data, and people must also have the skills and capacity to use that data for management decisions. In well performing supply chains, the interdependence between people, processes, technology and infrastructure are essential, but people are at the center. They carry out the processes; they collect, enter, manage and a...

What about the wetware?

During the TechNet consultation in Bangkok ten innovation projects that were given special prominence.All the projects are truly impressive in their scope, attention to detail and focused on collecting better data for supply chain management.

Two are for system-wide supply chain modelling to help the ministries build more efficient distribution systems and make long term plans for the predicted the impact of new vaccines, new packaging and potentially new temperature requirements. Six...

Human Resource Management for Supply Chain-Interactive QUIZ!

The IAPHL team has developed a fun, interactive quiz to allow you to test your knowledge related to Human Resources Management for Supply Chain. Human Resource issues related to SCM has been somewhat of a “hot topic” for IAPHL over the past year, so we wanted to follow up and keep this conversation going on IAPHL. Our new-and-improved quiz format allows you to take this multiple-choice quiz using the web link below. The results are completely anonymous, and will not be shared with anyone; th...

The People that Deliver Newsflash No.13 - Special Conference Issue

Dear Colleagues, We would like share the PtD Newsflah no. 13 - Special Conference Issue with our colleagues around the globe. In this special conference issue of the PtD Newsflash, read more about the: - The 2nd PtD Global Conference held in Copenhagen, Denmark. - The PtD Workshop on Health Supply Chain Leadership (with GAVI, UNICEF and USAID) - Professionalization in Supply Chain Management - Country Based Change Read the full Newsflash here:
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