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WHO PQS Manufacturer Consultation Report

Dear TechNet Community,

On Tuesday 10th July 2018, the WHO Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) Working Group conducted its first face-to-face technical consultation with manufacturers of PQS prequalified immunization products and devices from the E003 (Refrigerators and freezers) and E006 (Temperature Monitoring Devices) equipment categories - some of you may also have followed the event in real time via the TechNet-21 Twitter account.

Thirty industry representatives took pa...

Revision of vaccine storage code in the new model of ILR & Keeping ice-packs in brick style

Dear viewers

We wish to share the attached revised version vaccine storage code in the new model of Ice Lined Refrigerator, supplied recently to the planning units in Karnataka and India. Karnataka is going to practice soon and we hope the whole country may also follow the same as it is practicable.

Keeping ice-packs in brick style practically feasible way is also demonstrated.


With best regards

Holla n team

KVG Medical College


Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) tool version 1.4 available now

We are happy to announce the latest version of the Total Cost of Ownership tool for cold chain equipment (v1.4) is now available to download and use. If you have been using an earlier version of the tool, please download the latest version from the link below.  

Version 1.4 includes filters for CCEOP eligible equipment, as well as filters for refrigerator/freezer combination devices.  The latest version of the TCO tool contains PQS pre-qualified equipment as of May 2017.


Ice-Lined Refrigerator & Freezer

Dear Colleagues,

As known that Ice-lined refrigerators are the best choice wherever there is at least 8 hours electricity a day, but what about producing ice-packs for immunization session (e.g. outreach sessions) under the same supply of electricity (=< 8hrs)?

What will be the better decision to make here? maybe consider the combined icelined refrigerator/ freezer (not many options are available on WHO PQS devices catalogue) , or consider a stand- alone deep freezer for ice p...

Measurement of Condensation

We are working with ILRs. While daily operations, it was found that there is formation of water droplets inside the device. We want to measure the amount of condensation taking place inside the device in a day. We also tried to calculate the Dew Point Temperature but not much useful.

Kindly suggest some method or way to measure the condensation.




Vaccine Storage in Cold Climates

Most ice-lined refrigerators in India are fully functional at 5 - 45 degrees Celsius (ie, they are able to maintain an internal temperature of 2-8 degrees Celsius when the external temperatures are between 5 and 45 degrees Celsius). Some states of India have an extremely cold climate during winters (for example, the areas of Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Sikkim that are in the Himalayas) and so they are prone to high rates of vaccine freezing.

I am sure this is a problem experie...

La version française de l’outil de calcul du Coût Total de Possession (CTP) d’équipements de la chaîne du froid est maintenant disponible.

Outil de calcul du Coût Total de Possession d’équipements de la chaîne du froid

L’outil de calcul du Coût Total de Possession (CTP) d’équipements de la chaîne du froid a été développé afin d’assister les utilisateurs dans leur compréhension du coût d’achat et de maintenance des équipements de la chaîne du froid. L’outil peut être personnalisé pays par pays et calcule les dépenses en capital et en coûts d’opération pour les équipements préqualifié par le département Qualité ...

Universal, hybrid refrigerator for vaccines?

Among the TECHNET postings on cold-chain equipment there are embedded remarks pointing towards the need to make vaccine refrigeration simpler and less expensive to procure, more responsive to energy changes and easier to use and maintain. For example, to choose a refrigerator now current WHO, UNICEF and GAVI guides require that you make equipment choices according to energy availability and quality conditions. But in practice, energy availability and quality are changing, they do not remain s...

PATH’s cold chain equipment Total Cost of Ownership tool now available

PATH’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) tool for cold chain equipment is now available for download and use.

The TCO tool is designed to help countries compare and understand the costs associated with the purchase, installation, and ongoing operation of cold chain equipment. The tool currently covers 82 cold chain equipment devices including all 72 PQS (Performance, Quality and Safety) prequalified devices from the E001 (cold rooms and freezer rooms), E003 (refrigerators and freezers), a...

Temperature Display

Dear Colleagues, Many of the prequalified refrigerators have integrated digital thermometers with digital display outside showing instantaneous temperature readings. During the field visits, I have started to notice considerable number of refrigerators with non-functioning digital display. I am curious if this is a coincidence or commonly observed problem. I would be happy to hear your experiences and suggestions. Thanks, Murat...


Potency of vaccine at the time of administration to the beneficiaries is of utmost importance in preventing morbidity and mortality due to vaccine preventable diseases. Evolution of more and more vaccines against crippling and lethal diseases has made vaccination the most cost-effective and important strategy from control to eradication. Domestic refrigerators with horizontally opening vertical door is not recommended by WHO for keeping vaccines for certain reasons leading to excess“temperatu...

Considering a Max/Min range for Vaccine Storage Capacity in refrigerators

The percent difference between the gross refrigerator (ILRs and SDDs) volumes quoted in the PQS Catalogue and the net vaccine storage volume varies from 29.6% to 88.6 %. This is a wide variation for front opening fridges, due to space for air-circulation.

Increasingly, new models of ILR and SDD are emerging with cooled internal walls and cooled ceilings. Some of these models maintain a satisfactory internal temperature distribution whether they are packed according to the test procedu...

Ice-lined refrigerators: Time to rethink this product?

Icelined refrigerators have become a dominant standard worldwide for the safe storage of vaccine in areas of unreliable electricity supplies. In the 35 years since the start of the Product Information Sheets not a single upright, domestic compression refrigerator has been posted in the pre-qualified catalogue of WHO for a sustained period. Yet upright, domestic refrigerators that are used to store vaccines are far more numerous than the Icelined refrigerator in spite of the published risks of e...
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