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*New publication* Working together: An integration resource guide for planning and strengthening immunization services throughout the life course

This document brings together a range of resources to provide an overview of the global policies, potential interventions and strategies related to the integration of immunization services. It also provides guidance and country examples on the integration of immunization with additional health interventions throughout the life course. It is currently available in English and French    ...

Tools for monitoring the coverage of integrated public health interventions. Vaccination and deworming of soil-transmitted helminthiasis

PAHO is pleased to introduce a new resource publication that contains a set of modules aimed at improving the monitoring of coverage of integrated public health interventions.  To improve the well-being of the population and bridge gaps in health service delivery, it is necessary to guarantee access to various health interventions, including proven strategies such as vaccination and deworming. Meeting program coverage goals, however, depends on identifying and reaching target populati...

Integrating Cold Chain Data into OpenLMIS: A Collaboration with Nexleaf Analytics

Greetings,  A new blog is available on, presenting an exciting collaboration between OpenLMIS and Nexleaf Analytics to incorporate remote temperature monitoring (RTM) data into the OpenLMIS logistics software:

IAPHL Webinar may focus on integrated distribution of medicines and vaccines

IAPHL are debating the agenda for their next Webinar. Some are suggesting a focus on aspects of logistics integration for CD and NCD programs. For me, this is the 'Elephant-in-the-room' of future distribution strategy for country health pogrammes. Incorporating the distribution of vaccines and the fast-growing category of medicines that require cooling (i.e. insulin) and CT storage would have much to discuss, including the following three strategic issues: 1. Defining and achieving hi...

Scaling up of the Informed Push Model Project (IPM) in Senegal

The IPM Project (funded by the Gates Foundation and "MSD for Mothers" - Merck - and implemented by the Senegalese Ministry of Health with technical support from Intrahealth International) managed to cross the "Death Valley" where many projects die after successful pilot phases. Indeed, since October 1, 2017 it is no longer Intrahealth that implements IPM but rather the National Supply Pharmacy (PNA) of Senegal! The struggle lasted 5 years, i.e. two years longer than expected. The horizontal s...

Upgrading supply chain management systems to improve availability of medicines in Tanzania: Evaluation of performance and cost effects

Improving supply chain data visibility and data use are showing real impact in Tanzania's integrated logistics system. A study has just been published in the peer-reviewed journal Global Health: Science and Practice

Vaccine Supply Chain Futures 1/6: Merging vaccine and medicine distribution

Friends and Family of Immunization, I hope you will join me over the next six weeks before the TechNet Conference in Portugal to debate important futures for the vaccine supply chain. Each week, I will start a discussion on a topic and ask for your reactions. If you participate, you will also have the chance each week to respond to an online survey, just one or two questions, to ...

Vertical immunization information system or integrated one?

How vertical is the immunization service delivery and supply chain information managment system when they are migrated into electronic paltform? Should it be part of routine HMIS or LMIS system? or a separate one?...

How Private Sector Solutions Can Strengthen Supply Chains for Public Health

Dear Colleagues,
JSI is pleased to announce a new publication in the Getting Products to People series:

Family planning & immunization integration toolkit

This content is best viewed here: Extracted from the website with thanks!

Providing family planning information and services to postpartum women during their infants’ immunization visits provides an opportunity to reach women with unmet need for family planning. While evidence of the effect of integrat...

Integration of vaccine supply chains with other health commodity supply chains: A framework for decision making

Passing along this link to a recent article from Prashant Yadav published in Vaccine on a framework for supply chain integration.

• Integration with other supply chains is often presented as a strategy to improve the efficiency of vaccine supply chains.
• Integration with other suppl...

Integration of Health Services into the Immunization Platform

The Journal of Infectious Diseases has a special issue (March 1, 2012: Suppl.1) devoted to the very important topic of integration of immunization with health services delivery. The wide-ranging articles cover experiences, integration framework, integration in outreach services, improving coverage of multiple health interventions, and impact of integration, among others.

The following two articl...

announcement of Family Planning/Immunization integration online forum

The USAID-supported MCHIP project is convening an online forum on integration of family planning and immunization services, July 6-15. Please see below and attached for details. We are hoping to have good participation from colleagues representing both technical areas, family planning and immunization, and invite you to join in the discussion. Please feel free to share this with other colleagues who may be interested.

Rebecca Fields
Senior Technical Advisor f...

Milk and Vaccines: Scope for Integration?

Are dairy chains and routine vaccine chains complementary? In Karnataka (South India) milk unions pick-up milk from even remote villages with amazing regularity/predictability (without special technology to speak of). Vehicles with "chillers" travel empty, and return with milk to the semi-urban processing plant. Could the empty "front-haul" be utilized for routine immunization activities? Is this an experiment worth trying? Would love to hear your thoughts....

School-based Immunization Experiences: Scope for Integration

This message has been cross-posted from HPV Vaccine Global Community of Practice. With many thanks to Robert Steinglass.

Dear Lisa,

I agree with Sarah Mullins that there is a great opportunity to find links with a larger package of interventions, including tetanus vaccination. The following four resources provide some relevant background information.

a) To read about school-based immunization experiences, much of which has been based on administration of...

FP and Immunization Integration: Information Request

Robert Steinglass forwards this request.
Are you familiar with efforts to integrate child immunization and family planning services? If so, we need your help.

Family Health International (FHI) through its PROGRESS project and the Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program (MCHIP), led by Jhpiego with multiple partners including JSI (which has a long history of working on immunization projects), are collaborating to create an interactive, online map that ...
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