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Implementing low cost solutions to rabid dogbite victims through research.......

Presently the dose of rabies immunoglobulin (RIG) which is an integral part of rabies post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is calculated based on body weight though the recommendation is to infiltrate the wound(s). This practice demands large quantities of RIG which may be un- affordable to many patients. In this background, we conducted this study to know if the quantity and cost of RIG can be reduced by restricting passive immunization to local infiltration alone and avoiding systemic intramuscu...

Microarray patches for dermal delivery of vaccines

Hello all, Microarray patches (MAPs) are under development for delivering vaccine into the skin. The technology has exciting potential for application to immunization programs. PATH is looking for input from experts in low- and middle-income country immunization programs about the feasibility of MAPs to facilitate immunization, especially for novel delivery scenarios like self-administration of vaccine at home, as well as more traditional immunization settings in LMICs. We hav...

First experiences from the ‘FIRST’ IPV vials

Dear viewers
Out of inquisitiveness, we studied the usage of the First IPV vial of 5 facilities and got many things to learn from the service providers of 3 attached planning units, one First Referral Unit and the vaccination clinic of our own College. These lessons are universal and hence can certainly help the policy makers to make necessary revisions / refresh training for the benefit of innocent infants.
Following are the observations:

Average benefi...

BCG & IPV on "Wheals"

Dear viewers
We wish to share our very short study finding with the TechNet viewers for further input and mutual sharing of experiences for the global benefit of closing the imuunization gap.
Introduction of a newer vaccine or any change in vaccination policy provides an opportunity to train / reorient the service providers to revamp the efficiency for immunizing the vaccinated.
Responses by the TechNet members and global Immunization specialists inspired u...

Close the immunization gap: Intradermal administration of vaccines

For realizing the above, identifying maximum causes of gap and operating good practices for mitigation is essential to meet the global vaccination targets by 2020.
We made video recording and still photos for presenting in the monthly Academic Society Meeting for teaching purpose, to prevent avoidable agony to the infants and to administer antigenic dose of intra-dermal vaccines: BCG/IPV. All professionals including pediatricians have expressed that administering intra-dermal BCG ...

Call for needle-free intradermal delivery devices

The complete announcement is available at Call for needle-free intradermal delivery devices for upcoming clinical trial In ...

PATH Study on Intradermal IPV- needs implementation

Dear Sir,Based on the PATH report, we must immediately demand from DCGI office or GOI for use of IPV through Intradermal Route as well, otherwise people would be cheated as they have been with Rabies vaccine. Though I disagree with the report on one point that is a device is required for effective delivery of vaccine as this can be done with needle and syringe as well in India as we are doing with BCG/ ARV. also I disagree with the report that the needle syringe method would cost more, especiall...

10 Vaccines can be given Intradermally to spare costs as well as doses

Dear Friends, Here is more on intradermal delivery of vaccines. As many as 10 vaccines can be given intradermally to spare costs as well as doses, but unfortunately this is not promoted by vested interests. Please see the link on the WHO website:

Intradermal Influenza vaccination superior than IM

Dear Friends, Here is more on intradermal Influenza vaccine:               

After the antirabies vaccine Virorab, Sanofi Pasteur comes out with an intradermal Influenza vaccine

Dear Friends, After Virorab, Sanofi-Pasteur has come out with a low-cost Intradermal Influenza vaccine Intanza® / IDflu® vaccine*, see the link below, Dr. Omesh BhartiM.B.B.S.,D.H.M.,M.A.E.(Epidemiology)Directorate of Health Safety and Regulation, Himachal Pradesh+91-9418120302...

Report on Intradermal Delivery of Vaccines

We would like to share a report on intradermal delivery of vaccines that was commissioned by PATH's Disposable Jet Injector Project and Project Optimize (a collaborative project between WHO and PATH). The report was authored by Julian Hickling and Rebecca Jones from Working in Tandem Ltd. The purpose of the report is three-fold: 1) To summarize the clinical evidence supporting the intradermal route for vaccine administration and the devices being developed for this purpose; 2) to determine whe...
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