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Vikram Singh ( from India, contributes some
information of interest on the introduction of Japanese Encephalitis
vaccination in India. The information he requests has been sent to him
privately by WHO. Members are welcomed to share their own comments.


Dear members,

Here is some update on introduction of JE in India.

The Government of India had decided to introduce JE Vaccination in high
endemic districts, in a phased manner, starting with 11 districts in 5
States. The vaccination will start from May, 2006 and all children between
1-15 year of age would be vaccinated, as one-time campaign, followed by
integration to Routine Immunization for vaccination of the new cohort.

The global production capacity of mouse brain vaccine is not adequate to
meet the vaccine requirement for implementation of JE during 2006. Also, 3
numbers of doses of this vaccine is required to develop complete immunity.

Looking into the safety, efficacy and availability of JE Vaccine, it was
decided to use Live Attenuated SA 14-14-2 for JE Vaccination Programme.
Indian Council of Medical Research has also recommended use of this vaccine.

This vaccine is manufactured in China only and there are three
manufacturers in China, out of which, only M/s Chengdu Institute of
Biological Products is authorized by China National Biotech Corporation to
register and supply Live- Attenuated JE Vaccine to India.

Accordingly, 13.50 million doses of Live Attenuated SA 14-14-2 JE Vaccine
is being procured from M/s Chengdu Institute of Biological Products on
single source procurement provision. The vaccine has not been
pre-qualified by the WHO.

If I can get some information on the global scenario, with regard to
production of this vaccine.

Vikram Singh,

Director (Immunization) ,
Government of India ,
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare ,
Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi

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