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Update your knowledge of the Multi-dose vial policy (MDVP) with this UNICEF/WHO mini-course!

Developed jointly by UNICEF and WHO, this brief Multi-Dose Vial Policy (MDVP) mini-course provides all partners and staff working to support immunization with a better understanding of the 2014 revision of the Multi-Dose Vial Policy and how to apply it in the real world. With the complexity of today’s vaccine formulations, health workers can no longer assume that all liquid vaccines may be kept open and used for up to 28 days. In order for countries to minimize vaccine waste while at ...

AWAY WITH THE DOGMA 1 ! Closed Vial Wastage

AWAY WITH THE DOGMA! 1: “Monitoring Closed Vial Wastage”   This is the first Blog in a series to encourage vaccine supply chain planners to consider changes without being constrained by some, dogmatic operational policies of the Expanded Program on Immunization. Taking one issue at a time I shall explain its origin, why it is no longer helpful and suggest alternatives for us to debate.   So please, open the attached file and I look forward to your frank reactio...

Dose per Container Partnership (DPCP) an update

Dose per Container Partnership (DPCP)
The issue: Multi-dose containers are used to offer lower prices, higher supply volumes, and minimize cold chain storage and distribution requirements. As new, more expensive, vaccines are introduced in multi-dose presentations, maximizing the use of every dose in a container increases in importance. HCWs need to be more strategic about when to open a container; diligent about how they care for open containers, and potentia...

Next generation immunization supply chains: Rethinking the denominator and the dose

Today is Innovation Day during World Immunization Week, and there are a lot of innovative ideas out there to reach every child. But innovation doesn’t always require radical new ideas. Sometimes it simply means challenging traditional approaches based on current information. For immunization supply chains, that means changing over 40 years of custom to embrace state-of-the-art commercial best practices.
Imagine a scenario in which a global soft drink company launches a new marketi...

Sharing the task responsibilities for effective operationalization of MDVP/OVP

Dear viewers Context: India in collaboration with development partners like WHO/UNICEF/USAID/MCHIP etc has made remarkable advances in the last ten years: introduction of Measles 2nd dose, HepB vaccine including Birth dose vaccine, JE 2 doses, Pentavalent vaccine, year 2012-13 declared as year of Intensified Routine Immunization, India with SEARO declared as Polio Free, launching of Mission Indradhanush – the flagship programme of India. Karnataka Piloted Immunogram ...

Operationalizing WHO revised MDVP and open vial policy guidelines issued by the Govt

In response to revised WHO Multi-dose Vial Policy, 2014 and the circular guidelines issued by the GoI, subsequently by state govt (GoK) it was decided to operationalize the policy in the attached PHC. With literature review and on the basis of guidelines issued by the guidelines, a one pager ‘to do’ task responsibility training material cum job aider cum monitoring checklist (3 in 1) was drafted. On 6th November training workshop was held at the PHC with the consent and active participation b...

Revised WHO Multi-dose Vial Policy, 2014

Please find at the link below the revised WHO multi-dose vial policy. Please disseminate widely to all EPI staff. Thank you.

Veuillez trouver au lien ci-dessous la nouvelle politique de l'OMS en ce qui concerne la manipulation correcte des flacons de vaccin multidoses entamés. Je vous prie de bien vouloir partager avec tous nos collègues PEV. Merci.
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