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Logistics of the vaccination campaign

Hello everyone, Mozambique, at present, uses only a simple measles vaccine in the Measles Routine for measles prevention.
However, with support from GAVI, Mozambique is preparing a campaign against Measles and Rubella for April 2018, then introducing the Measles and Rubella Vaccine into Routine Immunization. At this time, the country has already been prepared for the Anti-Measles and Rubella sufficient for Campaign and for introduction and routine use. But we have...

An example of improved performance at high levels of coverage through policy to address measles outbreak: California, USA

Dear Friends, I share the following story recently published in the New York Times on the leveraging of policy to bring about quick change in measles coverage in California, USA following the measles outbreak of 2014. The story can be obtained from here with all accompanying graphics: The text of the story is pasted below for those who are in settings where the New York Times article may not open correctly on your c...

Supplement recently published - The Expanded Program on Immunization in Ethiopia

A Supplement on EPI in Ethiopia recently published in the Pan African Medical Journal.

Supplement The Future of Immunization in Africa - is still open for submission

The upcoming supplement "The Future of Immunization in Africa Supplement", guest-editored by Bob Davis (Am Red Cross) , Helen Rees (Wits U) and Steve Cochi (GID, CDC), is still open for submission. The supplement will be published in mid 2017 in the Pan African Medical Journal. Submit your manuscript now for consideration. Follow the link below for more about the supplement http://www.panafrican-med-journ...

Supplementary Immunization Activities for Injectable Vaccines Using an Example of Measles and Rubella Vaccines- Field Guide

Planning and Implementing High-Quality Supplementary Immunization Activities for Injectable Vaccines Using an Example of Measles and Rubella Vaccines- Field Guide: This is a field guide that is intended for immunization programme managers and their partners. The focus of this guide is ensuring high quality Supplementary Immunization Activities (SIAs) that are able to reach the hard to reach populations. The guide contains newly developed and improved tools for monitoring and assessing...

Introducing UNICEF's Measles Control in Emergency Settings e-learning course

UNICEF is pleased to announce the availability on-line of the “Measles Control in Emergency Settings - (MCES)” course module under the Immunization e-Learning Initiative. This module is an ideal introduction for anyone with interest in immersing themselves in the theory and practicalities of immunization and particularly Measles in the humanitarian emergency context. It is intended to assist public health practitioners to align their knowledge with and be up-to-date on the l...

Region of the Americas is declared free of measles

Washington, D.C., 27 September 2016 (PAHO/WHO) – The Region of the Americas is the first in the world to have eliminated measles, a viral disease that can cause severe health problems, including pneumonia, blindness, brain swelling and even death. This achievement culminates a 22-year effort involving mass vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella throughout the Americas.

My first experience at vaccinating a part of a Vaccination Outreach Programme in Rural India

Hello everyone!
This is my very first post here. I am a 3rd year Student of Medicine(M.B.B.S) studying at KVG Medical College & Hospital, Sullia, India.
Attched is a PDF file which is the original document...Please go through that as it has pictures. Whatever text that follows this is a copy from the PDF file.

Measles elimination and rubella control - Case based surveillance

Dear viewers
“Measles & Rubella (MR) case based surveillance” is being launched to achieve the goals of measles elimination and rubella control. For any vaccine preventable disease, vaccinating routinely with potent vaccine, uniformly throughout the country following a standard schedule is mandatory. For eliminatiing Measles, >95% coverage of first dose on completion of 9 months before 12 months and second dose along with booster dose of DPT and OPV between 16 to 24 months has to ...

Open Vial Use (operational guidlelines)

GoI is planning to put in place open vial policy at the facility level. In that context I would like to get comments from the members on a draft opertional guideline. This has been prepared from WHO and other resources on open vial policy. We intend to draft a pictorial guidlines covering following points. Please let us know if you have comments (please note these are India specific, so some points differ from standard guidelines e.g. keeping of reconstituted vaccines for 4 hrs etc).
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