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A method for measuring performance of outreaches

This report explains Shifo's approach and solution - MyChild Outreach, to strengthen outreach services to reach the fifth child and reduce equity gaps in vaccination services in rural and hard to reach areas:


Digital Health: A Call for Government Leadership and Cooperation between ICT and Health

This report provides insights into the importance of government leadership, governance, and intragovernmental cooperation in digital health for government leaders and policy makers at the intersection of the health and ICT sectors. It draws on the experience of countries in a variety of geographic and resource settings and builds on existing digital health literature by shedding light on leadership approaches and on governance mechanisms for engaging health and ICT stakeholders.


VaxTrac's New Project in Sierra Leone!

Dear Colleagues,

VaxTrac is excited to announce our new project in Sierra Leone, in partnership with eHealth Africa (eHA)! The pilot phase of the project will launch this month, starting with the first-round of training in Freetown, and will run until May 2017. We are thrilled to be working with eHA, the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, and Africell on this new project! For more information, check out our official project announcement attached to this email.

For more informa...

Feasibility and Limitations of Vaccine Two-Dimensional Barcoding Using Mobile Devices

In case it's of interest.




Immunization Summary smart-phone and tablet apps is updated with 2014 data

The fabulous app "Immunization Summary" was updated with 2014 data and in the 6 WHO officials languages. The Immunization Summary is an app for visualizing (tables, graphs, maps) data on policies, activities and impact of national immunization systems.

There's a just discovered bug, which is the country name selection needs the English country name to select the country in the appropriate chosen language!

Ah well... If you do not know the English name of the country sought, ju...

South Sudan deploys new mobile phone-based stock management tool

by Morris Gargar, Consultant; Elly Tumwine, UNICEF; and Ryan McWhorter, Logistimo The Government of the Republic of South Sudan is working with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and project Optimize to test a cloud-based logistics management information system (LMIS) that uses mobile phones to manage vaccine stock. The new system, named Logistimo, was deployed in May 2012 and is now being used in the central store, the ten state stores, and all six counties of Central Equatoria State....

Albania pilots electronic immunization registry

by Erida Nelaj, Albania Institute for Public Health and Jan Grevendonk, PATH In May 2011, the Albanian Institute for Public Health (IPH) launched a new web-based immunization registry and vaccine ordering system in the district of Skodra. Based on the acceptability and success of the system in Skodra, the government is deciding when and how to roll out the software nationwide. After an initial training with nurses, the system appears to be working well, and acceptability is high. [Click photo...

Tracking last-mile consumption with mobile phones

by Jan Grevendonk and Elaine Griffith, PATH and Anup Akkihal, Logistimo One of the perennial struggles in any supply chain is to deliver the right amount of product to the right place at the right time. This is especially true for essential medicines and temperature-sensitive products like vaccines. As the financial costs of maintaining excessive stock levels rise with the introduction of newer, more expensive products, the human cost of missing opportunities to vaccinate due to poor vaccine ...

Using mobile phones to track immunizations

Using mobile phones to track immunizations by Jørn Ivar Klungsøyr on behalf of ( and Jan Grevendonk, PATH In August 2010, the Norwegian Research Council approved funding for a new project that will allow countries to manage immuni...

Your phone rings; it’s the freezer calling

by Olivier Ronveaux, WHO, and Mojtaba Haghgou, Vaccine Management Consultant Maintaining required temperatures in vaccine refrigerators and freezers is one of the more thankless tasks of a cold chain manager as it requires painstaking manual recording of the temperature of each piece of equipment twice daily. Despite the monotony, temperature monitoring is a crucial task, especially in central stores at the national level where millions of doses of costly vaccines are at stake. A

Using mobile phones in HIV care and prevention--can we do the same for immunization?

It's really a great step in using mobile phones for the welfare of public health. I am looking anxiously to know more about it. Please keep on posting more about this. This is really a great job....

Using mobile phones in HIV care and prevention => can we do same for immunization?

This issue of HIV & AIDS Treatment in Practice compiles examples of how mobiles phones in developing countries are being used creatively to advance public health. Suggest we compile similar examples in immunization programs. ##text##...

The Role of Handheld Devices in Immunization

The Role of Handheld Devices in Immunizationby Olivier Ronveaux, Technical Officer EPI, WHO For 30 years, paper and pencil have been the dominant form of record keeping in immunization programs through out the world. After all, paper is inexpensive and ubiquitous, functional in case of power-outage, and easy to use. But when it comes to searching for data, crunching numbers, and creating reports, paper systems are almost useless. For many years, immunization programs have considered the merits o...
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