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JUST RELEASED: Rotavirus Surveillance, Safety and Economic Data before Vaccine Introduction: a Global Perspective from the World Health Organization Global Rotavirus Surveillance Network

A new issue of Vaccine is now available: Rotavirus Surveillance, Safety and Economic Data before Vaccine Introduction: a Global Perspective from the World Health Organization Global Rotavirus Surveillance Network 
Edited by Adam L. Cohen, Negar Aliabadi, Fatima Serhan, Jacqueline E. Tate, Patrick Zuber, Umesh D. Parashar This can be accessed from:

New HPV communication materials

WHO/Europe is working with immunization programmes across the European Region to help them raise awareness about HPV vaccination, address obstacles to high uptake and prepare for HPV vaccine introduction where it is not yet part of the routine immunization programme. As part of this work WHO/Europe has led or collaborated in the production of information materials, including the following resources: Video: HPV and cervical cancer – a personal story

Anyone from Brazil and Mali?

Is there anyone here who works in immunization program in Brazil and Mali? I need to ask some questions regarding immunization schedule and their respective immunization program. I tried reviewing available literature and publications online but there are some data that seem inconsistent.  Please send me a private message here, or email me through Thank you!...

Towards evidence-based decision making for strengthening immunization supply chains: a review of literature

Immunization programs in low-income countries are facing the most ambitious targets of the last four decades: reach every child with existing and many new vaccines. The original immunization supply chains (iSCs) design, put in place in the 1970’s, is struggling to exceed an 80% coverage rate and is unable to support the increasing volume, complexity, bulk, and cost of vaccines. In recent years, the iSC community has recognized the need to encourage more comprehensive iSC redesigns to address ...

Supplement The Future of Immunization in Africa - is still open for submission

The upcoming supplement "The Future of Immunization in Africa Supplement", guest-editored by Bob Davis (Am Red Cross) , Helen Rees (Wits U) and Steve Cochi (GID, CDC), is still open for submission. The supplement will be published in mid 2017 in the Pan African Medical Journal. Submit your manuscript now for consideration. Follow the link below for more about the supplement http://www.panafrican-med-journ...

Ebola vaccine trial in Sierra Leone battles against fear and logistics

From today's Guardian Health workers face suspicion and a lack of cold storage as they test the Ebola vaccine Dr Tamba Manye, who works for the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Tonkolili, says logistics need to be imp...

IVAC VIMS Report on Global Vaccine Introduction - September 2015 Now Available!

The September 2015 Vaccine Information Management System (VIMS)Report on Global Vaccine Introductionfrom IVAC at Johns Hopkins is now available


Thirty countries have now introduced IPV vaccine as part of objective 2 of the Polio Eradication and Endgame Strategic Plan. In August, the second of the polio endemic countries, Pakistan, introduced IPV nationally. There are now 30 countries that have introduced the vaccine. Nigeria, the other endemic country to introduce IPV has now also successfully gone one year without a case of reported wild poliovirus. To document the experience of early adopters of IPV, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Sch...

Cost projections of Decade of Vaccine

Dear All, Please find attached the article recently published on cost projections of DoV. The costing analysis examines the vaccine costs, supply chain costs, and service delivery costs of immunization programs for routine immunization and for supplemental immunization activities (SIAs) for vaccines related to 18 antigens in 94 countries across the decade, 2011–2020. The analysis shows that the delivery of the full vaccination program across 94 countries would cost a t...

IVAC VIMS Report on Global Vaccine Introduction - January 2015 (Now with IPV)

The January 2015 edition of the IVAC VIMS Report on Global Vaccine Introduction is now available at

New in the January edition is the addition of an inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) section in the report....

IVAC VIMS Report on Global Vaccine Introduction - September 2014

The IVAC VIMS Report on Global Vaccine Introduction - September 2014 is out!

Recent updates (since March 2014) include:

-South Sudan's introduction of Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) vaccine in July 2014 marks a significant milestone in global health, as Hib-containing pentavalent vaccine is now available in all 73 Gavi countries. To read IVAC...

IVAC VIMS Report on Global Vaccine Introduction - December 2013


This report provides data and figures on the introduction status of Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), pneumococcal, and rotavirus vaccines both globally and in 73 GAVI-eligible countries using information stored in the Vaccine Information Management System (VIMS) online database, managed by the Internat...

Operational guidelines for introducing newer vaccine: pentavalent

I have attached a PPT on operational guidelines to introduce the newer pentavalent vaccine for further editing/inputs from the viewers. This will give an opportunity to refresh and re-orient the service providers on DPT and hepatitis B also. Operational-guidelines-New-Pentavalent-Vaccine.pdf...

Post 00677e : Paho Publication

POST 00677E : PAHO PUBLICATION 23 May 2004

Mylena Pinzon ( from the Pan American Health
Organization (PAHO) informs us that the book "Vaccines: Preventing Disease
& Protecting Health "has just been published. It is available only in
English for the moment but a Spanish version is expected by the end of
August and a French one later. For more details, see her message here below
and t...
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