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REPOST: Remote Temperature Monitoring Devices (RTMDs) User Survey

WHO PQS is conducting a survey to learn from users of Remote Temperature Monitoring Devices (RTMDs) and inform the future of vaccine cold chain monitoring.

Have you ever…

Received a text, email or notifications from an RTMD? Interacted with RTMD hardware in the field, including responding to alarms? Setup RTMD hardware and/or software? Interacted with an online RTMD web portal? Conducted repairs or service on RTMDs?

If so, we want YOU to help inform the future ...

WHO PQS Manufacturer Consultation Report

Dear TechNet Community,

On Tuesday 10th July 2018, the WHO Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) Working Group conducted its first face-to-face technical consultation with manufacturers of PQS prequalified immunization products and devices from the E003 (Refrigerators and freezers) and E006 (Temperature Monitoring Devices) equipment categories - some of you may also have followed the event in real time via the TechNet-21 Twitter account.

Thirty industry representatives took pa...

Remote Temperature Monitoring Devices (RTMDs) User Survey

WHO PQS is conducting a survey to learn from users of Remote Temperature Monitoring Devices (RTMDs) and inform the future of vaccine cold chain monitoring.

Have you ever…

Received a text, email or notifications from an RTMD? Interacted with RTMD hardware in the field, including responding to alarms? Setup RTMD hardware and/or software? Interacted with an online RTMD web portal? Conducted repairs or service on RTMDs?

If so, we want YOU to help inform the future of RTMD...

Finding the Perfect Temperature for Vaccines

Finding the Perfect Temperature: Protecting Lifesaving Vaccines in Remote Areas

Immunization is one of the most successful and cost-effective public health interventions in history, saving 2-3 million lives every year. In Tanzania, JSI is installing remote temperature monitoring devices to strengthen the immunization cold chain and ensure that vaccines make it to the last mile. 


Imagine that VVM’s do not exist. As an alternative a tiny electronic device could be developed which would record the temperature history of the vaccine vial. The device would be attached to the vial and graphically display the temperature history of the vaccine. If a health worker wanted to know how the temperature history of the vaccine would affect its life, how would they do it? This is essentially the same problem faced when trying to interpret the data obtained from a refrigerator or va...

Realtime Cooler Temperature & Location Monitoring in the Field


I am trying to solve the following problem...

We have small medical teams that travel to remote locations, to deliver vaccines to patients.

Many of the routes are through jungle, mountains, dessert, etc and take several hours or longer to reach to destination.

The teams use motorbikes, and walking through rough terrain to get to the destination.

During the traveling, there is no way to tell what's going on in the cooler until the team reaches the d...

Temperature monitoring devices and Thermostat for vaccine refrigeration system

Dear Technet members,

I would like to share my thoughts on the temperature monitoring devices and thermostal for vaccine refrigeration system.

In the early days of EPI, temperature of the refrigerator was measured and displayed by a simple analogue thermometer which was either a bi-metal or stem type alcohol thermometer.  Twice daily the health worker records these temperature on the temperature monitoring sheet and posted on the door of the fridge.  Filled temperature records...

Immunization Academy Update

This month several new data monitoring and supply videos have been added to, including nine new training videos in Swahili. Anyone working in support of EPI can be notified when new videos are added via WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp, text "join" to +255 765 578 712 and you will be added to the Immunization Academy broadcast list. The Immunization Academy is a BMGF-sponsored initiative that provides health professional...

Introducing data-driven, remote oversight (Vaccine Supply Chain Futures 4/6)

This is the fourth topic in my six-part Vaccine Supply Chain Futures series (Please see the attached file for the full text)  focused on the introduction of a system of remote temperature monitoring integrated with equipment maintenance management.

Remote temperature monitoring systems represent an opportunity for a system-wide improvement in the performance of equipment maintenance and consequently, more reliable vaccine distribution. Remote temperature monitoring automatically trans...

Transportation of vaccines from the cold-chain point of a planning unit to the outreach session sites – A model.

Dear viewers - Please find the following and the attached illustration for a critical review and needful.


CCH Mrs Anitha Beth and Asst CCH Mr Mukesh could not believe when the author shared his observations that the “T” series vaccines were found in “Frozen” condition at the session site far off from the ILR point. Temperature record book never showed subzero recording on any day. CCH had to distribute vaccines to ~50 session sites on Thursdays and ~30 session site...

Cold room temperature mapping

Dear All:

how can we conduct study of cold room temperature mapping and how to analyse the data collected?


Cartographie de la température de Chambres froides au Niger


Le Niger a entrepris en 2016 avec l'aide de ses partenaires la cartographie de la température dans ses Chambres froides. Nous avons beaucoup appris de cette expérience notamment sur :

- La cartographie de toutes les chambres froides qu'elles soient anciennes ou nouvelles

- Le réglage de la consigne d'arrêt des unités de réfrigeration

- La fiabilité du Kit Berlinger (SmartView)

Nous proposons les recommandations suivantes à d'autres pays intéress...

“CROWD TESTING” An Easily Implemented Method of Ice Pack Conditioning

Vaccines can tolerate temperatures above 8 deg C however temperatures below 0 deg C will freeze a vaccine and it will lose it’s efficacy. At temperatures above 8 deg C the life of a vaccine will be lowered but the exposure will not be catastrophic. For the most sensitive vaccine, VVM II, the life of the vaccine will decrease from 104 days to 99 days when exposed to 20 deg C conditions for one day. For a VVM7 vaccine exposed to the same one day temperature excursion the life of the vaccine wil...

Passive storage devices--new technology requires new SOPs

Does anyone have experience with vaccine passive storage devices in the field? We are piloting the PQS pre-qualified Arktek device in three rural health centers. By design, the device maintains a temperature range between 0°C and 10°C which will not freeze the vaccines so should not pose any risk to the potency of the vaccines. We are seeing some unease from health workers and EPI managers, though, who are concerned that vaccines would be out of the 2°C – 8°C range and at risk of freezing, ev...

Refrigerated truck monitoring systems - Measuring interval of logging

Dear Colleagues,

Could you please share any links for documents (regulations or guidelines) where disscussed measuring interval for refrigerated truck monitoring systems (print-paper loggers).

Оr please share practice in your country.

Thank you in advance,



Introduction of the new temperature monitoring website

The WHO UNICEF immunization Supply Chain Hub (iSC Hub)has released a new temperature monitoring website hosted on TechNet-21.

A stringent system for temperature surveillance is essential to maintain the quality of the vaccines in an effective Supply Chain. By preventing vaccine exposure to freezing or hot temperatures in the cold chain, a functioning temperature monitoring system helps ensuring vaccine potency, avoiding both wasting vaccine investments (notably through reducing cl...

Evaluating Vaccine Temperature Monitoring Systems via Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

Interesting study from Turkey aimed at providing an approach to determine the best temperature monitoring system for vaccine storage in a warehouse.

AbstractCold chain management is a specific part of supply chain management. Cold chain managementdeal with products that should be transported and stored in certain conditions. Monitoring thetemperature in cold chain is one of the most critical and important factors. Effective temperaturemonitoring systems are a must have for a succe...

Temperature data logger training August 2016

Following the success of the first training session in December, 2015 on the use of the MULTiLOG2 Remonsys Ltd is planning to run a second training session in August this year.

Purpose and Objectives of the Course

The objective of this course is to equip delegates with the ability to install, configure and to operate the MULTiLOG2 system, to enable them to train others to understand the technology and how they can use it to make the best use of the recorded information to pro...

Temperature sensor positioning in cold rooms

Hello everyone,

We will in a few days to install the MultiLog 2 central cold chain in Madagascar. We have all the equipment and installation guide. What is missing is a positioning guide of temperature sensors inside the cold rooms. If you have this information, thank you to share to me. On our side, we conducted a temperature mapping to help us in this position.



Cold chain and logistic

OMS/WHO Madagascar


Remote temperature monitoring (RTM); Accelerate scale-up !

It's a mystery to me, considering that manual temperature monitoring of vaccine stores using monthly charts and glass thermometers was the first MIS achievement of the EPI in the last 4 years of the 1970s - yet the first Remote Temperature Monitoring (RTM) studies were 10 years ago and only a handful of countries have implemented RTM today. The benefits of the manual monitoring in 1976 were simple, clear and motivating. Those of the RTM should be even more enticing. Temperature recording is a...

VVM colour change as a continuous progression

WHO has just released a new infographic that summarises how health workers can use vaccine vial monitors (VVMs) to decide whether or not to use a vaccine vial. Most notably, it presents VVM colour change as a continuous progression, rather than as four distinct stages.

A VVM is a chemical indicator label attached to the vaccine container (vial, ampoule or dropper) by the vaccine manufacturer. As the container moves through the supply chain, the VVM records its cumulat...

Remote Temperature Monitoring Data for Cold Chain Maintenance

Dear TechNet Colleagues,


I would like to share with you a report on our latest cold chain maintenance investigation in Mozambique: "Why Fridges Fail Part 2: RTM Data for Maintenance".

We are beginning to document how remote temperature monitoring data and dashboards can be used by maintenance technicians to significantly improve cold chain performance.

This assessment follows up on the randomized control trial conducted in 2014-2015 with Village Reach, PATH, ...

Why Conduct Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) Assessment?

Abstract from an article written by our EPI Ghana team. Comments are welcome!

For the full article please go to:

Background: WHO and UNICEF supported Ghana to conduct Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) assessments in September 2010 and October 2014 respectively with the view...

VVM’s and MKT Thermometers

Below are some examples of how an MKT thermometer could be used to to simpllfy temperature data analysis for the cold chain.

If the temperature in a refrigerator is 4 deg C for 20 hours then increases to 15 deg C for 4 hours, how will the vaccine life be affected?

- If this is a one day occurrence – should an alarm be set off to notify a repair person?

- If this temperature variation occurs everyday for a month – will it be problematic?

- If on a 24 day excursi...

NEW Vaccine Management Handbook Modules available

Announcing two new publications, part of the Vaccine Management Handbook series: How to monitor temperatures in the vaccine supply chain (WHO/IVB/15.04) How to use passive containers and coolant-pac...

Temperature Display

Dear Colleagues, Many of the prequalified refrigerators have integrated digital thermometers with digital display outside showing instantaneous temperature readings. During the field visits, I have started to notice considerable number of refrigerators with non-functioning digital display. I am curious if this is a coincidence or commonly observed problem. I would be happy to hear your experiences and suggestions. Thanks, Murat...

Systematic Remote Temperature Monitoring: Are We Ready?

Systematic Routine Remote Temperature monitoring: are we ready? Minutes and documents from the Remote Temperature Monitoring workshop, Zanzibar, 4 – 6 November 2014 Remote Temperature Monitoring Technology is recommended to be used at Central Store locations and has been deployed there for the last years. However, data from the EVM Assessments show that this technology is not very widely adopted. Furthermore, as the technology is evolving rapidly and new innovations suggest that the technolo...

"Cold chain logistics in healthcare - a modern alternative"

An interesting article from on RFID and real time monitoring to deliver temperature sensitive drugs. Comments?

Your phone rings; it’s the freezer calling

by Olivier Ronveaux, WHO, and Mojtaba Haghgou, Vaccine Management Consultant Maintaining required temperatures in vaccine refrigerators and freezers is one of the more thankless tasks of a cold chain manager as it requires painstaking manual recording of the temperature of each piece of equipment twice daily. Despite the monotony, temperature monitoring is a crucial task, especially in central stores at the national level where millions of doses of costly vaccines are at stake. A
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