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INVITATION - WHO Global Routine Immunization Strategies and Practices (GRISP) Scholar Commencement Event

The World Health Organization Global Routine Immunization Strategies and Practices (GRISP) course team invites you to join our digital (online) Commencement Event to recognize the work and celebrate the achievement of the WHO GRISP Scholars Date: 12 December 2017 Time: 14h00 (2 PM) UTC+1 Geneva (check time) Registration:

Upgrading supply chain management systems to improve availability of medicines in Tanzania: Evaluation of performance and cost effects

Improving supply chain data visibility and data use are showing real impact in Tanzania's integrated logistics system. A study has just been published in the peer-reviewed journal Global Health: Science and Practice

Case Study: Change Management and Motivation for Immunization Training

A case study has been published to share information about some of the change management and motivational strategies deployed by UNICEF and WHO to support high levels of participation in the Immunization eLearning Initiative. The case study can be helpful for learning leaders looking for ways to increase self-paced training participation. The case study document also includes a checklist to help ensure that learning leaders are considering all the key elements of motivation to support success...

Linking the information silos: Tanzania’s HMIS – LMIS data exchange yields lessons for broader interoperability

As supply chain professionals working in the global health sector, we have heard countless requests and statements over the years to integrate data from HMIS and LMIS tools. This is partly to streamline reporting channels and to reduce the reporting burden, and partly to attempt to compare information between the two systems. Often this conversation is burdened by a lack of understanding about how the two data sets differ.

As countries adopt electronic information systems to man...

Implementing low cost solutions to rabid dogbite victims through research.......

Presently the dose of rabies immunoglobulin (RIG) which is an integral part of rabies post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is calculated based on body weight though the recommendation is to infiltrate the wound(s). This practice demands large quantities of RIG which may be un- affordable to many patients. In this background, we conducted this study to know if the quantity and cost of RIG can be reduced by restricting passive immunization to local infiltration alone and avoiding systemic intramuscu...

Third Regional Meeting to Share Lessons Learned in the Development and Implementation of Electronic Immunization Registries

Date:4 - 6 April 2016
Purpose:To share lessons on the planning, development and implementation of Electronic Immunization Registries (EIRs), as well as to socialize a draft document on the planning, design, development and implementation of a national EIR.
Summary:During this two and a half day meeting, participants discussed and shared their experiences and lessons learned regarding the development and implementation of EIRs. Furthermore, the meeting participants revi...

Uganda Equipment Failure Investigation Report

In cooperation with the Uganda Ministry of Health, PATH recently conducted a pilot study to document equipment failures in the Uganda National Expanded Programme on Immunization cold chain. Due to our use of purposeful sampling to locate a subset of failed cold chain equipment in Uganda, conclusions about predicted failures cannot be drawn from our study report. However, after learning of the failures, one manufacturer (B. Medical) has agreed to replace the equipment assessed.

Impact of tool and the approach – A comparative study amongst 3 PHCs: Guthigar and Kollamogru of Dakshina Kannada Vs Sampaje of Kodagu

Dear viewers The Academic Society Meet scheduled on 23rd March 2016 is held today as the local Govt officials were unable to attend on 23rd March 2016 due to series of IPV & Bivalent switch training. On presenting the comparative study in the Academic Society Meet, we are sharing the same with the TechNet community...

Vaccine cold chain functional inventory and gap analysis: Iran (2011)

Many thanks to Mojtaba Haghgou for sharing this article with the forum.

Vaccine cold chain functional inventory and gap analysis: Looking at all existing cold chain equipment at one go
Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Iran, July 2011

By Dr. Mohsen Zahraei, EPI Manager and Mr. G. Zamani, Vaccine Logistics Manager, Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Iran, Mr. A. Yarparvar, UNICEF Country Office Tehran, Iran, Mr. M. Haghgou, Consultant

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