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Introducing data-driven, remote oversight (Vaccine Supply Chain Futures 4/6)

This is the fourth topic in my six-part Vaccine Supply Chain Futures series (Please see the attached file for the full text)  focused on the introduction of a system of remote temperature monitoring integrated with equipment maintenance management. Remote temperature monitoring systems represent an opportunity for a system-wide improvement in the performance of equipment maintenance and consequently, more reliable vaccine distribution. Remote temperature monitoring automatically trans...

For Info - Immunization, urbanization and slums – a systematic review of factors and interventions

Immunization, urbanization and slums – a systematic review of factors and interventions Tim Crocker-Buque, Godwin Mindra, Richard Duncan and Sandra Mounier-Jack BMC Public Health 2017, 17:556 | Published on: 8 June 2017 Abstract Background In 2014, over half (54%) of the world’s population lived in urban areas and this proportion will increase to 66% by 2050. This urbanizing trend has been accompanied by an increasing number of people living in urban po...

A method for measuring performance of outreaches

This report explains Shifo's approach and solution - MyChild Outreach, to strengthen outreach services to reach the fifth child and reduce equity gaps in vaccination services in rural and hard to reach areas:

CommTrack Request for Application: Mobile Logistics Proof of Concept in India and Nepal

Dimagi is pleased to announce that it will support five organizations from various sectors in India and Nepal to explore the use of mobile technology for logistics and supply chain management in low-resource settings. Each organization will be supported to launch a proof of concept of CommTrack, an open source mobile logistics tool that leverages CommCare and is part of the MOTECH Suite. CommTrack was developed through related projects in three countries with John Snow International. With succes...

SMS survey paves way for successful PCV and polio campaigns

by Sean Blaschke and Lilian Nabunnya, UNICEF On April 26, 2013, health workers at 3,240 health facilities in Uganda were sent the following short-message service (SMS) text message: Does your Health Unit have a cold chain fridge for vaccines? Please answer YES / NO. If you have a fridge but it is not working, please tell us about it. Within 48 hours, responses from 1,862 health facilities had been received. It was revealed that 391 facilities...

SMS-based AEFI reports

Excerpts from a discussion on another forum about adverse events following immunization (AEFI) data collection. Dhruv wrote: A wise option. Why don't we develop a cellphone-based VAERS? Prabir wrote: See
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