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Tuberculin Skin Test Test / Mantoux test: Adminstration practices in a local medical college, India


“Knowledge is of no value unless you put in to practice. Practice till you are the best, Practice to remain the best” 

On 24th April, I had the opportunity to visit a Medical College in Dakshina Kannada. As hobby / passion / proactive social service, along with a post graduate from the department of Community Medicine, interacted with those who provide Mantoux test services in that College for mutual learning / capacity building to min...

Activities to inactivate TB

Dear viewers

World TB day theme 2018- Wanted: Leaders for a TB free world and the corollary:  Quickly and adequately involve the active leaders.

In view of the above we wish to share the attached highlighting the activities to inactivate TB. Two related activities – BCG vaccination and Mantoux test [TST] are routinely practiced for several decades with number of errors. Regular Supportive Supervision is an integral part of any disease control / elimination / eradication progra...

Prevailing TST practices: rapid identification and concurrent rectification through Supportive Supervision Approach of RAPID.

Dear viewers

World TB day is fast approching for which we wish to share the attached through which any high risk practice in any field of public health can be rapidly, effectively and sustainably closed through proactive approach blended with support from professional colleagues in the authorized posts. This usually needs zero budget or minimal budget but needs proactive positive reciprocation from the implementing authorities with empathy towards the local innovators, beneficiaries a...

Sharing the PPT on establishing dedicated vaccination clinic & nursing station for administering tuberculin

In response to the demand by HODs of Department of Community Medicine of a few Medical Colleges, KVG team is proud to share 7 slides PPT on the above subject.  We wish replication of the same in all Medical Colleges, especially private to promote quality vaccination and Mantoux test [Tuberculin Skin Test –TST] services to strengthen National programmes of Routine Immunization and Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme [RNTCP]. Several high risk practices were observed by the author w...

Role of BCG in attaining “END TB” by 2030

Dear viewers.

We the KVG team wish a happy new year and wish to share the post on BCG vaccination.

As a question of justice, world wants to end TB by 2030 – the major killer among infectious diseases often hand in glove with HIV / AIDS. India aims to achieve the same by 2025.

Specific vaccination with BCG vaccine – one of the oldest vaccine is iterated as the first strategy and more and more evidences are proving the efficacy of the vaccine in preventing the infection ...

Questions & answers regarding "TST" + Job-Aid for display

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Like many chronic diseases, whether communicable or non communicable, Tuberculosis is also an inadequately understood Vaccine Preventable Disease with frequent change in definition and treatment protocol.

In the recent RNTCP quarterly review meeting, substantial gap in the operational knowledge and differences of opinion were found regarding the Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) - a traditional, simple and reasonably reliable test as a diagnosti...

BCG World Atlas

Claude Letarte reminds us that 24 March 2011 was World Tuberculosis Day and shares with us links to the free BCG World Atlas published by McGill University and partners in Montreal. The Atlas is: "a first-of-its-kind, easy-to-use, searchable website that provides free detailed information on current and past TB vaccination policies and practices for more than 180 countries." ... and is "designed to be a useful resource for clinicians, policymakers and researchers alike," ...

BCG A...
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