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Looking for immunization supply chain resources

Dear TechNet members, I'm trying to work out the best place to go on the Internet to find immunization supply chain-related resources such as guidance documents, eLearning videos, etc. This is the list I could come up with. Please can you share others if you know of any. Many thanks. 



Providing all India solution to all India problems

Dear all

Context: IAPSMCON – 2019: Symposium on Routine Immunization (RI)

In this month, symposium was held at the national level on RI, chaired by National Consultants and senior designated persons from Immunization Technical Support Unit [ITSU] for Government of India implementing the programme in Medical Colleges and the country.

Following are some of the concerns expressed and discussed:

Role of medical college
a) Capacity building of nursing staff / un...

Happy New Year from the TechNet-21 team

Dear TechNeters,

On behalf of the TechNet-21 team, I would like to wish you all a happy new year! May 2019 bring  joy, health to everyone and keep increasing immunization coverage and decreasing under-5 mortality. 

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year"  Ralph Emerson

I will leave my moderator/community manager seat to a great person who will serve our community with dedication and professionalism - not disclosing the name though, watch thi...

Is it possible to achieve and sustain >90% FIC and Booster by 2020?

Dear viewers,

A merry Christmas and a Happy new year 2019!

On Christmas Eve of 2012, we shared the first write up on Immunogram as “Xmas gift”. Today, 6 years later, we wish to share it again because it can potentially achieve and sustain ≥90% Full Immunization Coverage (FIC) below one year and booster between 16 & 24 months as a package - see the attached one pager. Hope governments and other stakeholders will take up the success story for replication in a wider area.

A year since TechNet met.. news of 'scale-up' ?

So, where are we now?

More than a year has passed since the last TechNet-21 meeting! We have a year ahead of us before the next meeting!

As time races by, I feel the need to know more about progress that is being made with the many new initiatives that were described by countries and organisations towards scaling up for maximum impact in the shortest time.

Presentations in 2017 focused on demonstrations and pilot projects designed to advance the science of cold chain t...

New Materials - Practical guidance to do a vaccination coverage survey

New materials are available on the "Coverage Surveys" page of TechNet-21 ( on the "17 Steps to do a Coverage Survey".

This collection contains a series of documents & presentations outlining the basic steps of a vaccination coverage survey, as well as some presentations on commonly asked questions and variations on a coverage survey. This also contains links to resou...

"Dream Realized" Celebration of EuVac Baby Award Ceremony: 14 Nov 2018

Dear viewers,

As announced earlier in August 2018, the author with the help of his team could realize his dream and celebrated “EuVac Baby Award Ceremony” today in KVG Medical College Hospital.

Dr KV Chidananda, Medical Director, iterated that parents have very crucial role in getting their children vaccinated timely and completely. Many parents are vaccinating their children more close to the schedule than in the previous decades. This is a welcome step, depicting more awaren...

Once in a Blue Moon

Dear viewers

“Once in a Blue Moon” is a short half-page story of a true event that occurred on World Immunization day the 10th November - of which Baby Greeshma, born on 26th August 2018, is the main character.
This story can easily explain the dynamics of an outreach session, various components of RI programme required for successful implementation. Hope the viewers will enjoy the short story.

Best wishes

Holla & Team




“Rare but not uncommon”

Dear esteemed viewers,

ANM Mrs Chandrakala KM, AWW Mrs Indiravathi and ASHA Mrs Saraswathi K are the 3 ‘A’ces working in Health Sub-Centre Baddadka of planning unit Aranathodu of Sullia Block of Dakshinakannada District, Karnataka State, India.

The entire planning unit – PHC Aranthodu will cross >90% coverage including booster dose by 2018 itself. The attached one page write-up describes a very rare event, though not uncommon in RI programmes hence thought of sharing with the ...

Sharing for Caring

Dear esteemed viewers

On the eve of Karnataka State Raising day (Kannada Rajyotsva), KVG team wishes to share the attached for caring the children of Karnataka and beyond. India is committed:

- baby Rukhsar was the last case of Poliomyelitis due to wild polio virus in Jan 2011,

- it got the certification of Polio Eradication in March 2014 for which entire world congratulated the country.

Karnataka is even more committed, and had the last case of polio due to wi...

Sunday - Longer than Monday

Dear viewers,

Greetings from KVG team.

India launched Mission Indradhanush on 25th Dec 2014 to achieve >90% full immunization coverage (FIC) by 2020; it was intensified in October 2017 and the timeline was advanced to 2018 by the Honorable Prime Minister of India -- a silver line in the RI programme.

We had an internal departmental discussion on the duelist of 12 HSCs of recently attached Primary Health Centre (PHC) who have completed 2 rounds of Intensified Mission In...

We are hiring!

TechNet-21 is looking for talented people to join the team. The following roles are currently being advertised:

Website community manager, full-time, 12 months from January-December 2019 Website administrator and develop, full-time, 12 months from January-December 2019

If you want to help shape the direction of the technical network for strengthening immunization services, please refer to the full details below. We look forward to hearing from you :-)

Community Manager f...

Positive Role of HBR in Immunization Programme: EuVac Baby award

Dear viewers,

On behalf of the KVG team, I wish to share the PPT on Eu-Vac Baby presented during the regular Academic Society Meeting today.

Laasya, D/O Chaitra C.G is the indexed Eu-Vaccinee who timely graduated as a fully immunized child (FIC) before first birthday and “complete” immunization in the 17th month.

As agreed among local stakeholders, babies and their parents will receive the Eu-Vac Baby award next 14th Nov 2018, which is “Children’s day” in India, hoping...

Routine Immunization Master Register: Data analysis – Points for universal action

Dear colleagues,

Warm greetings from me and KVG team.

On 15th Aug 012, I mailed “Dewalbari – one pager” highlighting the unprecedented lesson learnt by me – taught by Bina, Pumpum, 4 AWS and 4 ASHAs of Dewalbari HSC of Jamtara. On 4th Saturday – 28th July 2014, ANM Mrs Bina screamed and jubilantly declared that her HSC became “IRI free”. Bina et al proved that the strategy of 4 weeks in 4 successive months can rapidly clear the backlog, attain very high coverage (>90%) of both...

A true story of an "EuVac" Baby in positive role.

Dear colleagues

We feel proud to share a true story of an “EuVac” bay in positive role. Three days back we shared the story of an “ANISOTIC” Baby in negative role. These illustrations highlight the need for an appropriate Home Based Record [HBR] as recommended by WHO. Both the illustrations are qualitative and hence single “story” is the story of millions.

Unique bottom up approach of learning by doing & working together is the methodology used in 4 studies: viz. IRI simulatio...


Dear viewers

In India, an estimated 90 lakhs children are either partially vaccinated or unvaccinated and the GOI aims to attain >90% Full Immunization Coverage by 2018 through Intensified Mission Indradhanush [IMI] – an ambitious flagship programme of the country with utmost commitment. We are left with 5 months more from now. Constraints and problems are innumerable with rural urban differentiation. One such ubiquitous grievous problem is dissimilarity [ANISOSIS] of vaccination card...

Menu List of What KVG team can potentially do

Dear all

India is politically committed to advancing the target of achieving >90% full Immunization coverage before 1 year from 2020 to 2018 through Intensified Mission Indhradhanush (IMI) launched in October 2017. We are now left with only 5 months in 2018. Probably we may be able to achieve that goal by 2020 as set earlier. 

Proem: India is committed; since the inception of EPI in 1978, consistently trying to improve the coverage both quantitatively and qualitatively through...

You make TechNet-21: we want to hear from you

Dear TechNet community,

 We are reaching out to better understand how TechNet-21 can help you to strengthen immunization services, and what value the platform brings to our members. We have a few of questions for you - feel free to answer them all or as much as you want! 

Issues that matter to immunization professionals

Which issues keep you awake at night, that would be worth engaging the wider TechNet-21 community on, perhaps as part of an online deep-dive discussion?...

Thank you, Padmini!

Today is Padmini Menon's last day as TechNet-21 moderator. She has been at the helm of the TechNet forum for moe than ten years, helping members with technical problems, moderating forum activity, managing the TechNet-21 social media channels, and other tasks too numerous to mention. Her tireless work in service of our immunization community has helped to build the platform to what it is today.

A picture of Padmini (left) with the TechNet-21 team at the recent

Tuberculin Skin Test Test / Mantoux test: Adminstration practices in a local medical college, India


“Knowledge is of no value unless you put in to practice. Practice till you are the best, Practice to remain the best” 

On 24th April, I had the opportunity to visit a Medical College in Dakshina Kannada. As hobby / passion / proactive social service, along with a post graduate from the department of Community Medicine, interacted with those who provide Mantoux test services in that College for mutual learning / capacity building to min...

An improved website for TechNet members

Dear TechNet community, 

In order to improve your experience as TechNet-21 users, we have recently migrated the website to a new host, to make it faster and more secure. We hope you will appreciate the improvements made.

Website migration being a complex process, there might be some technical glitches that have not been noticed yet. Should you have any problem with the new platform, please let us know using one of the following methods and we will do our best to fix it:


Not coming to the conference? Watch online

Dear TechNet community,

The 15th TechNet Conference will take place next week in Cascais, Portugal. All plenary sessions will be streamed on the TechNet-21 channel on YouTube, so if you are not attending in person you can still participate remotely.

Please use this link if you want to watch the plenary sessions live. We encourage you to submit questions to presenters by using th...

Advancing distribution technologies and techniques

This is the second topic in my six-part Vaccine Supply Chain Futures series, and concerns advancing technologies of cooled-distribution. Pleae share your thoughts!

What advances in technology and technique--available now or in the near future--that are likely to be critical success factors for the vaccine supply chain? I propose four important advances:

Distribution of supplies in today’s world is achieved by pre-planned, regular, timely delivery from higher level to lower leve...

Registration closes in 5 days - Last week to Register for the 15th TechNet Conference (16-20 October, Portugal)

Dear TechNet Community,

A quick announcement to indicate that this is the last week where registration to participate in the 15th TechNet Conference will remain open.

Space will be limited so we cannot guarantee that all registered participants will be able to attend. We can confirm however, that if you don’t register, you won’t be able to participate.


2 more weeks to register to the 15th TechNet Conference (16-20 October 2017)

Dear Technet Community,

This is just a gentle reminder for those that have not registered to the 15th TechNet Conference to do so as soon as possible.  Registration will remain open for another 2 weeks until 31 July 2017.  After this date, those that have not registered will not be considered to attend.

Additionally, the Miragem hotel is now fully booked.  If you have not booked your accomodation yet, other hotel options and other important details are listed within Administra...

*** T minus 4 months to the 15th TechNet Conference (16-20 October 2017) ***

Dear TechNet Community,

Trust this message finds you well. This is just a quick message to let you know that the start of the 15th TechNet Conference is now 4 months away!

Registration will remain open for another 6 weeks until 31 July 2017. Space will be limited so we cannot guarantee that all registered participants will be able to attend. We can confirm however, that if you don’t register, you won’t be able to participate.

For those of you that have already shared e...

Les inscriptions pour la 15ème Conférence TechNet sont ouvertes

Chers membres de la communauté TechNet,

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que les inscriptions pour la 15ème Conférence TechNet sont ouvertes !

A cette occasion, nous avons lancé le site Internet de la 15ième Conférence TechNet, dont voici le lien :

Le site sera régulièrement mis à jour avec les dernières informations en lien avec...

Participate in the side events for the 15th TechNet Conference! (16-20 October 2017)

Dear All,

We are reaching out to explore your interest in participating in the Manufacturers Marketplace, Innovations Cafe and Poster Gallery during the 15th TechNet Conference that will take place on 16-20 October 2017 in Portugal. These are the major side events which are integral parts of the TechNet Conference, provided with dedicated space and are organized alongside the main conference agenda.

The Manufacturers Marketplace is for private sector companies and other commer...

Registration to the 15th TechNet Conference (16-20 October 2017) is now open!

Dear TechNet Community,

We are very excited to announce that Registration to the 15th TechNet Conference is now open!

For this occasion we are launching a 15th TechNet Conference webpage:

This living webpage will regularly post the latest information related to this year’s conference on the theme of “Building the next generation of immunization supply chains”.


***Save the Dates: 15th TechNet Conference will take place on 16-20 October 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal***

Dear TechNet Community,

It’s getting close to two years since the 14th TechNet Conference where more than 260 of you joined us during the week of 11-15 May 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand.

With this two year anniversary fast approaching, some of you may be wondering: what is happening with the next TechNet Conference?

We are now pleased to formally announce that the 15th TechNet Conference will take place on 16-20 October 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal. More specifically, the venu...

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