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"GO AUTHENTIC: ACTIVITIES THAT SUPPORT LEARNING" is now available for free download

The underground classic that explains how authentic activities help learners explore, discuss, and meaningfully construct new knowledge, GO AUTHENTIC: ACTIVITIES THAT SUPPORT LEARNING is now available for free download.

When Risintha from Sri Lanka told me that he would never be the same again because he had discovered a life beyond PowerPoint, I thought that I had to share our approach to creating transformational value through authentic learning.

The course activities that I...

WHO Immunization Monitoring Academy Fall 2018 programme

The WHO Immunization Monitoring Academy is a learning and capacity-building initiative. The Academy is open to all immunization professionals with an interest in the use, collection, and improvement of immunization data.

Starting in Fall 2018, the Academy will offer a WHO Scholar certificate programme to support competency development in national and sub-national staff. The Academy will offer: 

Level 1 certificate course in developing a Data Improvement Plan (DIP) in both Engli...

2nd International Workshop on M&E of Global Health Programs_5-13 Sep 2018_New Delhi

Empower is organizing the 2nd International Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of Global Health Programs, scheduled from 05th– 13th September 2018 in Hotel The Grand, New Delhi, India. The eight-day residential workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of Global Health Programs will provide the platform for state of the art tools and techniques.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

- develop monitoring and evaluation plans by applying kno...

Apply Now for Empower's PGD in PSCM_September 2018

Dear Colleagues,

The 14th Batch of the Post Graduate Diploma Course in Global Health Procurement and Supply Chain Management is scheduled to launch in September 2018.

This is an 11-month ONLINE program wherein there are 9 modules. The course is structured to address one topic area per month for 8 months, starting
with a module on introduction to PSM and ending with PSM support functions and systems. Each module is supported by Assignments, MCQ's and Assessments. The cours...

Powering Auxiliary Loads in SDD Systems – Energy Harvesting: Is It the Best Alternative?

One of the beneficial features of SDD refrigerators is its relative simplicity. Electrically two wires from the solar array are directly connected to the compressor. This simplicity minimizes problems in the field and simplifies repairs. Energy harvesting technology introduces a great deal of electronic complexity and the complexity increases as a larger percent of the available energy is harvested. In the US the primary mode of failure of new refrigerators is the electronic circuitry. In the...

Workshop in Geneva_Ensuring Universal Health Coverage by Promoting Access to Life-Saving Medicines_August 2018

Empower is organizing the third International Workshop and Study Tour on Ensuring Universal Health Coverage by Promoting Access to Life-Saving Medicines in Geneva, Switzerland scheduled from 20th to 24th August 2018. It’s a 5-day workshop and our participants will be public health professionals, program officers, supply chain professionals from various Ministries of Health, UN agencies, donor agencies, private and civil society organizations.

The Key Topics to be covered during...

Update your knowledge of the Multi-dose vial policy (MDVP) with this UNICEF/WHO mini-course!

Developed jointly by UNICEF and WHO, this brief Multi-Dose Vial Policy (MDVP) mini-course provides all partners and staff working to support immunization with a better understanding of the 2014 revision of the Multi-Dose Vial Policy and how to apply it in the real world.

With the complexity of today’s vaccine formulations, health workers can no longer assume that all liquid vaccines may be kept open and used for up to 28 days. In order for countries to minimize vaccine waste while at ...

TechNet-21 Careers: your gateway for immunization jobs

Hi TechNet-21 members!

Browsing and submitting vacancies has never been easier on TechNet-21

Our new Careers area centralises all the immunization job-related information you need, whether you are a job-seeker or an employer.


Browse our jobs listings to find the latest immunization jobs worldwide.

Successful completion of the International workshop on Ensuring Product Quality in PSM (April 2018)

Dear Colleagues,

The agenda of the ‘International Workshop in Ensuring Product Quality in Procurement and Supply Chain Management’ was to present face-to-face opportunity to the participants from National Medical Supplies Fund (NMSF), Federal Ministry of Health, Sudan in gaining a comprehensive understanding of concepts of Quality Assurance (QA) of pharmaceutical products and processes in procurement and supply chain.

The workshop was held in Al-Fateh Idris Hall in the Abdul H...

A Snapshot on the 4th session of Logivac Training on Supply Chain Management

National vaccine logistics systems, originally designed in the 1980s, are today confronted to a real revolution in the following aspects:

Broader range of vaccines and greater diversity of service delivery strategies Solarization and digitization of the supply chain: CCEOP, remote temperature monitoring, etc. Integration of products from other health programs and supply chain streamlining.

To address the growing complexity of their supply chains, EPI and other public health pro...

Point sur la 4ème session de formation Logivac sur la gestion de chaînes d’aprovisionnement

Les systèmes nationaux de logistique vaccinale, conçus au départ dans les années 80, sont aujourd’hui confrontés à une véritable révolution qui se décline sous les aspects suivants :

Gamme plus étendue de vaccins et diversité plus grande des stratégies de prestation de services Solarisation et digitalisation de la chaîne logistique : CCEOP, suivi à distance des températures, etc. Intégration des produits des autres programmes de santé et optimisation des chaînes logistiques.


Invitation to the Africa Conference on Healthcare Delivery (AHD Conference) 2018, Abuja, Nigeria, June 25-27

Dear Colleagues,

You are cordially invited to the Africa Conference on Healthcare Delivery (AHD Conference) 2018, which is to be held in Abuja, Nigeria, June 25-27. The theme of the conference is: "Social Innovation and Health Supply Chain: Engaging Communities and Health System Actors to Develop Local Solutions for Health Supply Chain Challenges."

See attached call for abstracts and conference flyer for details. For additional information regarding the meeting, including regi...

Empower's upcoming workshops in Dubai 2018

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to share with you the details of two of Empower's upcoming workshops which may be of interest:

1. 9-Day International Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of Global Health Programs, scheduled from 21st – 30th March 2018in Dubai, UAE (Brochure Attached)

The main objective of the workshop is to describe basic concepts and practical approaches for M&E. This workshop will act as a platform for professionals to share their experiences, case st...

Les inscriptions pour la formation en Logistique de Vaccination sont ouvertes

Le Centre LOGIVAC organise la 3è édition de la formation en Logistique de Vaccination, du 09 avril au 04 mai 2018. Les dossiers d’inscription seront reçus jusqu’au 24 mars 2018.

Délivrée entièrement en face-à-face à destination du personnel de santé chargé de la gestion logistique du programme de vaccination aux différents niveaux de la pyramide sanitaire, la formation en logistique de vaccination répond aux nouveaux enjeux de santé publique.

A travers des cours présentiels et...

Empower_Johns Hopkins_International Workshop on Strategic Leadership in Global Health and Development

Dear Colleague,


We are pleased to announce that Empower School of Health is organizing the International Workshop on Strategic Leadership in Global Health and Development, in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA. The workshop is scheduled from 23-27 April 2018 in Dubai, UAE.

Strategic Leadership workshop will cover:

Systems thinking and strategic leverage Personal mastery and commitment to change Action-learning pr...

Utiliser les Stratégies et pratiques mondiales de vaccination systématique (SPMVS)

Un cours Scholar pour les praticiens de la santé impliqués dans la planification de la vaccination, pour développer leur capacité 

L’Organisation mondiale de la Santé (OMS) invite les praticiens qui contribuent directement
à la planification de la vaccination au niveau national ou infra-national à se joindre à l’une
des deux cohortes du cours Scholar SPMVS.
✔✔ La première cohorte débute le 5 mars 2018 et se termine le 20 avril 2018.
✔✔ La deuxième cohorte débute le...

INVITATION - WHO Global Routine Immunization Strategies and Practices (GRISP) Scholar Commencement Event

The World Health Organization Global Routine Immunization Strategies and Practices (GRISP) course team invites you to join our digital (online) Commencement Event to recognize the work and celebrate the achievement of the WHO GRISP Scholars

Date: 12 December 2017 Time: 14h00 (2 PM) UTC+1 Geneva (check time) Registration:

APPLY NOW : Empower's 8th International Workshop on Quality Assurance in PSM

​​Dear TechNet Members,


We are pleased to announce that Empower School of Health (ESH), a Centre of Excellence for Global Health Supply Chain Management, is organizing 8th INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON QUALITY ASSURANCE IN PROCUREMENT & SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT, scheduled from 29th Jan – 02nd Feb, 2018 in GOA, INDIA.

The key topics being covered are:

Pharmaceutical Product Quality Rational Quality Assurance System National Qua...

Immunization Academy Update

This month several new data monitoring and supply videos have been added to, including nine new training videos in Swahili. Anyone working in support of EPI can be notified when new videos are added via WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp, text "join" to +255 765 578 712 and you will be added to the Immunization Academy broadcast list. The Immunization Academy is a BMGF-sponsored initiative that provides health professional...

APPLY NOW ⚡ WHO Scholar course on 'Using Global Routine Immunization Strategies and Practices (GRISP) to achieve better Immunization outcomes'

Hello, Applicant Learner!

The World Health Organization (WHO) invites applications from all  health practitioners involved with immunization planning at national and sub-national levels to join the second cohort of the GRISP Scholar course. Learn more

This digital course is intended for health practitioners involved in immunization planning to develop their capacity to us...

Supporting intensified Mission Indradanush

Dear viewers

Attaining and sustaining very high vaccination coverage is the basic dream of RI lovers of any country to promote child health. An ambitious flagship project "Mission Indradhanush" was launched by India on 25th Dec 2014 with similar dream. 

Now, Urban area of Belagavi District will be operating "INTENSIFIED  MISSION INDRADHANUSH (IMI)" from Oct 2017. The district nodal officer on witnessing the dramatic increase and sustenance of immunization coverage (Christmas g...

Short, practical data monitoring training videos

Immunization Academy ( is a new initiative sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, providing open access to short, practical training videos. The videos support a growing list of immunization topics, using WHO-approved guidance. Currently more than 40 videos on data monioring topics are available. They can be accessed and viewed by anyone working in support of immun...

Registrations Open - ePGD in Procurement & Supply Chain Management - September 2017


​​Empower School of Health launches the next batch of the online ​​Post Graduate Diploma in Global Health Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSCM), in collaboration with ​​Kent State University (KSU) & UNAIDS.

How this programme Empowers you:
- Opportunities with leading organizations (UN organisations and MoHs)
- On-demand mentorship on PSCM subjects related to Public Health
- Holistic understanding of supply chain
- Empower Yourself for G...

Empower launches Indian Resource Centre for Public Health Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Dear Public Health, Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals,

Greetings from Empower School of Health, a research, consulting and academic institute focused on building capacity at scale. We have delivered over 1 million hours of training to several thousand people across 50 countries and 48 organizations.

As part of our capacity building efforts, we are pleased to announce the launch of an Indian Resource Centre for Public Health Procurement & Supply Chain Manage...

One day Extended Immunogram based training of Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANMs) and Staff Nurses of Mobile Medical Units (MMU)

Greetings and we wish to sahre the attached with the techNet viewers.

Karnataka launched Mobile Medical Units (MMU) to provide free health care services to the hard to reach / underserved community; especially to tribal population in 27 districts. It has 31 output indicators of which 2 are child Immunization related –

1. Full Immunization of Children below first birth day (FIC) and

2. Complete Immunization before 2nd birth day with DPT 1st booster, OPV and MCV 2 doses....

Imperial Short Courses: June to August 2017 Open For Registration!

Dear Colleagues,

Take a moment to think about what health care providers use every day to treat patients. Providers use a myriad of items, such as syringes, prescriptions drugs, gloves and many more. Employees involved in healthcare supply chain management are responsible for stocking organizations with the products providers need and managing inventory.

However, managing supply chain is not as simple as making sure providers have enough gloves. Imperial is offering the newly ...

Register Now - Workshop on Promoting Access to Medicines - Geneva - 24-28 July 2017

​​DATE: 24th-28th July, 2017
VENUE: Geneva, Switzerland

Empower is organizing the ​2nd International Workshop on “HOW GLOBAL HEALTH ORGANISATIONS PROMOTE ACCESS TO MEDICINES”​ in Geneva, Switzerland. This workshop with the study tour is scheduled from 24th-28th July, 2017.

​​This workshop is a platform to understand how the Global Health Leaders promote Access to Medicines with a focus on Procurement, Supply Chain, Quality, Regulatory & Market Shaping. We have arranged fo...

Procurement Development 21st to the 23rd June 2017 in Abuja Nigeria

Dear Collegues,

The purpose of our Procurement Programme is to introduce students to an integrated approach in the management of the procurement of products

This program promotes a multidisciplinary and integrated approach in line with current warehousing and procurement trends, using a mixture of interactive learning tools such as videos, questionnaire's, case studies, team exercises, individual exercises and group discussions.

For my information, please feel free to ...

Imperial Academy Short Course Offerings Now Open for Registration!

Take a moment to think about what health care providers use every day to treat patients. Providers use a myriad of items, such as syringes, prescriptions drugs, gloves and many more. Employees involved in healthcare supply chain management are responsible for stocking organizations with the products providers need and managing inventory.

However, managing supply chain is not as simple as making sure providers have enough gloves. Imperial are offering the newly designed short programs ...

Warehouse Operations Management Course 8 – 19 May 2017 Nairobi Kenya

Dear All,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Imperial Health Sciences will be hosting the next Warehouse Operations Management (WOM) program in English from the 8th – 19th of May 2017. The newly designed program now consists of 10 days (2 weeks) Supply Chain Operations Training, presented by subject matter experts.

Please find attached the outline for the WOM program. The program will be hosted at Imperial Health Sciences ISO 9001:2008 certified facility in Nairobi Ke...

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