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Vanuatu: Transportation of Vaccines using UAS. Pre-Tender meeting and RFT Documents

Dear All I am happy to share the information below regarding the UAV for Vaccine Delivery Project in Vanuatu:  Ministry of Health of the Republic of Vanuatu, assessed by UNICEF, invites you to join the pre-tender (kick-off) meeting for MoH project number S1721: "Transportation of Vaccines and Medical Supplies using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or Drones", as part of the official issuance of the Tender Process for trialing the use of drones in Vanuatu for vaccine deliveries ...

JSI White Paper on UAVs: What should you deliver by unmanned aerial systems?

Cross-posted from the JSI website with thanks! inSupply, JSI’s regional supply chain consulting center in East Africa, in partnership with Llamasoft and the Nichols Group, recently examined the potential for employing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to deliver life-saving and other commodities within a public health system. They examined the cost-effectiveness of UAVs versus a motorcycle-based system and other well-run forms of land transport, using three sets of data from Afri...

White Paper on Cost Effectiveness of UAS for Cargo Delivery

As more low- and middle-income countries explore opportunities to improve their public health supply chains and diagnostics networks, knowing how best to use unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to improve reach in the last mile is critical. Under the inSupply project, JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc., and our partners LLamasoft, Inc. and the Nichols Group provide objective guidance for countries and public health stakeholders on how to make informed decisions about which health products to p...

Addressing Adoption and Sustainability of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in Public Health

Dear colleagues, Please find attached from the Interagency Supply Chain Group. Kind regards,
Coordinator for the Interagency Supply Chain Group (ISG)   Hitesh Hurkchand
Interagency Supply Chain Group
Hosted by the World Health Organization
Mobile: +1.917.975.9743 [WhatsApp, Viber]
Skype: hitesh_h
New York, New York...

Vanuatu launches Pacific’s first drone trial - Delivering lifesaving vaccines and health supplies to remote communities

Port Vila, 14 June 2017: The Vanuatu Government will make history today by launching what may be the first ever trial in the Pacific to test the capacity, efficiency and effectiveness of drones to deliver lifesaving vaccines to inaccessible remote communities in Vanuatu. Vanuatu will test Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS), commonly referred to as “drones”, and the services offered by that industry using an important commodity - lifesaving vaccines. Successful applicants are being...

Drone ports to fly vaccine to remote sites

I have struggled unsuccessfully to link this message to a remark made by Soren Spanner a week or two ago asking whether anyone has tried to distribute vaccine to remote sites by drone? I'm surprised that a debate on this subject has not yet reached TECHNET. Luckily the global debate seems healthy! Take this link for example sent to me by Anne McArthur, my wife, over a distance of 2.4 meters just now:

Can UAVs be used to transport vaccines to remote health centers?

an interview with MIT’s UAV vaccine delivery team Earlier this year, Dr. George Barbastathis and five graduate students—Nikhil Vadhavkar, Adam Pan, Vyas Ramanan, Andrew Warren, and Justin Lee—from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) were awarded $100,000 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation through its Grand Challenges Explorations initiative. The team hopes to demonstrate that vaccines can be transported to remote health centers using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Op.ti.mize...
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