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Vaccine Product Price and Procurement (V3P) project: 40 countries have shared vaccine price information in 2015

The V3P project aims at collecting, publishing and analysing vaccine product and price information. This year, 40 countries have shared data with V3P. Combining information shared by countries, PAHO and UNICEF, the database provides price information on more than 170 vaccines.

If you wonder about the price range of vaccines in various income groups, if you would like to know more about the evolution of vaccine prices overtime, if you are currently working on budgeting and financing an...

V3P price data and analyses available from 25 countries

Over the past few years a lot of investment was made to collect vaccine price information through the V3P project. We are happy to announce that V3P now has data available from 25 countries. Please find below a link to the available data. The V3P web platform provides acce...

WHO HQ - V3P Communication Consultant (Short term)

Background: Over the past few years, WHO has been engaged in monitoring of vaccine prices to facilitate a global dialogue with partners and countries on the issue of vaccine price and to promote improved availability and quality of information. In September 2011, WHO started working on the BMGF funded Vaccine Product, Price and Procurement (V3P) initiative aiming at improving country understanding of vaccine markets and enhancing country negotiation and procurement skills. The initiative provi...

Increasing transparency of product, price, and procurement data

by Miloud Kaddar, WHO/IVB and Sarah Schmitt, Consultant The World Health Organization (WHO) recently launched a new project to address the need for reliable, accurate, and neutral vaccine product, price, and procurement information among countries newly graduating from GAVI Alliance (GAVI) support and other lower-middle-income countries. The goal of the Vaccine Product, Price, and Procurement (V3P) project is to increase the availability of key data and information, particularly to assist coun...
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