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  3. Monday, 20 January 2014
Many thanks to Umit Kartoglu for sharing these videos with the TechNet-21 forum! WHO/EPELA releases the most recently produced expert videos on VVM-based vaccine management. These videos are specifically produced for the new EPELA authentic e-learning course on vaccine vial monitor-based vaccine management. The new course will be offered for the first time from 27 January to 28 March 2014. If you are interested in the other courses in 2014, please visit [url=]visit Both WHO and EPELA encourage others to widely use, share the videos and embed them in other websites. The following videos are now available publicly: A year in the life of a vaccine: Kevin O’Donnell [vimeo]58148553[/vimeo] Kevin O’Donnell reviews the role of VVM and how it can be the answer to increase access and ensure quality of vaccine was not compromised due to unacceptable heat exposure. Cold chain challenges everywhere: Simona Zipursky [vimeo]58148554[/vimeo] Simona Zipursky reviews the cold chain challenges to demonstrate that problems are both in developing and industrialized countries and questions whether VVM should also be the answer for both. How does a VVM work?: Denis Maire [vimeo]58747176[/vimeo] Denis Maire summarizes the technical characteristics of VVMs and explains how they work. Interpretation of VVM in relation to other temperature monitoring devices: Umit Kartoglu [vimeo]58156915[/vimeo] Umit Kartoglu reviews temperature monitoring devices used in a typical vaccine cold chain and analyses how the readings relate to each other when there are more than one device at a particular point. This analysis is done from the VVM perspective. Using VVM as a stock management tool: Umit Kartoglu [vimeo]58161022[/vimeo] Umit Kartoglu reviews the requirements for product arrival, storage and dispatch and analyses the role of VVM in effective stock management for each step. Special emphasis is given to the relation of VVM and expiry date in illustrating how VVM over-rules earliest expiry first out principle. Vaccines beyond the cold chain: Simona Zipursky [vimeo]58148555[/vimeo] Simona Zipursky reviews the studies on taking vaccines beyond the cold chain all published in peer-review journals and comments on how VVMs could be instrumental in these operations. VVMs getting smarter: Umit Kartoglu [vimeo]58161023[/vimeo] Umit Kartoglu reviews the recent changes in integrity and location of VVMs and the new message VVM is giving whether a vial containing multi-dose vaccine following opening can be kept for a subsequent session or not. VVM use at the most periphery: Serge Ganivet [vimeo]58680045[/vimeo] Serge Ganivet reviews the VVM use at the most periphery through different examples and brings new perspectives on how to make best decisions based on the expiry and VVM readings.
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