TechNet-21 is a vibrant community of immunization professionals and experts dedicated to strengthening immunization programmes in developing countries. By sharing knowledge and experiences, and coordinating activities, TechNet members are working together to improve immunization practices and formulate optimal immunization policies.

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Participants at the 2013 TechNet Consultation in Dakar, Senegal. Photo: WHO.

Our members come from every corner of the globe, and by joining TechNet you can participate in this global conversation. Find answers to your questions, share your experiences, or simply make your voice heard when important topics in immunization are discussed.

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TechNet members can participate in discussions on the TechNet forum. Looking for more information on something? Want advice? Got a problem and need an answer? In the TechNet forum you can access the collective wisdom of thousands of qualified immunization professionals and experts. Over 2,000 topics on a wide variety of immunization-related subjects have already been discussed.

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TechNet members can submit their own news and resources for publication on TechNet. If you want to share your news, forthcoming event, request for proposals, or job opportunity with colleagues from around the world; or if you have a resource such as a document, photo, video, journal article, or tool that might be of use to the immunization community, just send your content to us and we will publish it on the TechNet website.

Participate in the biennial TechNet Conference

The TechNet Conference enables immunization professionals to meet and discuss the latest developments in immunization practices and policy. It also facilitates the exchange of field experiences and identifies areas that require further investigation.

The conference is held approximately every two years and gathers together key stakeholders in immunization programmes from around the world. The most recent TechNet Conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand in May 2015.

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