Controlled temperature chain - technical resources

Curated by: Anna-Lea Kahn

The controlled temperature chain (CTC) is an approach to vaccine management that provides a short-term option for certain designated vaccines allowing them to be kept at temperatures outside of the standard cold chain of +2°C to +8°C for a limited period of time under monitored and controlled conditions, as appropriate to the stability of the antigen. A CTC typically involves a single excursion of the vaccine into ambient temperatures not exceeding +40°C and for a duration of a specific number of days, just prior to administration.

This page provides a list of resources related to CTC, as well as materials developed by the CTC Working Group. The aim is to raise CTC awareness among multi-sector stakeholders and industry; engage more partners through the promotion of a common vision and strategy around CTC; encourage a constructive dialogue with manufacturers on the need for more vaccine innovations and their willingness to consider CTC labelling for new or existing vaccines; increase country uptake of CTC implementation during immunization campaigns to increase vaccine coverage and generate more data on CTC. Resources are orgaised by category:




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