Blowkings BK-VC 3.4-CF

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Blowkings BK-VC 3.4-CF
BK-VC 3.4-CF
Vaccine carrier: Long range
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Vaccine carrier: Long range

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Three photos of blowkings vaccine carrier

This is my feedback on blow kings vaccine carrier that we used in Central Visayas, Region VII, Philippines health centers namely:
Cebu province, Bohol province, Siquijor province, and Negros Oriental province. Please see photos attached on the right.

Hoping that this deficiency can be corrected by the manufacturer.

Arnulfo E. Lavares
Cold Chain Manager
Department of Health-Regional Office VII
Cebu City, Philippines

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Munjal Kothari Written by Munjal Kothari
November 04, 2016
Dear Sir,
Thank you very for your comments.
Last Supplies to Philippines was in September 2014.
Since then on various feed backs from the field, changes in the pins (Which hold the Belt) have already been made, and now only way to take out the pins is to destroy the outer surface area of Vaccine Carrier body.
With ref to Sealing system, body interface between the cap ring and the body ring and Inside foam seal has been found to be stable and usable for a very long time
However we appreciate your comments, and we will investigate the issue and make necessary changes to improve the product.
Munjal Kothari