The intention of this case study is to reframe the continuous improvement plan (cIP) as a roadmap of action rather than a follow-up step to an Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) assessment, using three countries as exemplars to demonstrate how cIP...

Health information systems in most countries are inadequate in providing the needed management support and the current health information systems are therefore widely seen as management obstacles rather than as tools. The current study is an...

On 27 March 2014, India and the entire WHO South East Asia Region were certified polio-free , bringing to 80% the proportion of the world’s population that now lives in regions entirely free of indigenous wild polioviruses. It is also increasingly...

In 1988, the World Health Assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO) resolved to eradicate polio worldwide (1). Wild poliovirus (WPV) transmission has been interrupted in all but three countries (Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan). No WPV type...

In 1974, WHO established the Expanded Programme on Immunization to ensure that all children have access to routinely recommended vaccines. Since then, global coverage with the 4 core vaccines – Bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccine (BCG) for...

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WHO/UNICEF/TechNet-21 webinar session on "Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine new formulation: implications on vaccine management, supply chain, and technical assistance"

April 14th 2022

Dear colleagues, WHO, UNICEF with the support of TechNet-21 invite you to a webinar session on "Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine new formulation: implications on vaccine management, supply

  • Country: Iraq
  • Disease: Covid-19
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    Member States Delegates discuss progress towards global immunization goals at the 67th WHA

    May 27th 2014

    [b]Member States Delegates discuss progress towards global immunization goals at the World Health Assembly, May 2014[/b] [b]Fifty-four speakers including 50 representatives from Member States[1], o

  • Country: Uruguay Tunisia Togo Thailand Spain South Africa Korea South Oman Namibia Morocco Mongolia Mexico Maldives Malaysia Malawi Libya Lebanon Kenya Jordan Japan Jamaica Iraq Indonesia India Grenada Germany Ethiopia Egypt Ecuador Costa Rica Congo Colombia China Burundi Brazil Barbados Bahrain Azerbaijan Argentina Algeria
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    PNIDs--for how long should they continue ?

    October 24th 2009

    Dear Sir Good day. I have faced one question regarding NIDs, which is: if one of the governorates or provinces in any country achieves a routine immunization coverage rate of more than 95%, is there

  • Country: Iraq
  • Disease: Polio
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    Monthly MNT Elimination Updates- June 2009

    June 20th 2009

    Launched in 1999 by UNICEF, WHO, UNFPA and partners the MNT Elimination initiative has led to protection of more than 90 million women against tetanus in more than 45 countries through Supplemental Im

  • Country: Yemen Uganda Turkey Timor Leste Sudan Somalia Sierra Leone Senegal Philippines Papua New Guinea Pakistan Nigeria Niger Myanmar Mozambique Mauritania Mali Madagascar Liberia Kenya Iraq Indonesia India Haiti Guinea Ghana Gabon Ethiopia Equatorial Guinea Congo Comoros China Chad Central African Republic Cameroon Cambodia Burundi Burkina Faso Benin Angola Afghanistan Laos
  • Disease: Tetanus Polio
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    March 17th 2009

    POST 01403E: MEASLES VACCINATION SCHEDULE 17 MARCH 2009 ****************************************** Riadh Karem ([[email protected]][email protected][/email]), a public health doctor from

  • Country: Iraq
  • Disease: Measles
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    July 08th 2006

    POST 00951E : THINKING THE UNTHINKABLE Follow-up on Posts 00917E, 00923E, 00931E, 00937E, 00942E and 00947E 8 July 2006 __________________________________________________________________ T

  • Country: Iraq Canada
  • Disease: Polio
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    February 02nd 2005

    POST 00750E : IRAQ COLD CHAIN 2 February 2005 __________________________________________ Muatez M. Abbas (mailto:[email protected]) from EPI/Iraq has sent a presentation on cold chain in post

  • Country: Iraq Canada
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    April 02nd 2004

    POST 00656E : COMBATING RUMOURS Follow-up on Post 00619E, 00643E and 00647E 2 April 2004 _______________________________________ This posting contains three contributions. The first is from

  • Country: Togo Nigeria Niger Ireland Iraq India Ghana Chad Canada Benin
  • Disease: Measles Malaria Polio
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