The WHO website provides a list of certain diseases for which vaccines are available, and a list of some pathogens for which vaccines and/or monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are in development. For each disease or pathogen, a link is provided to a...

The Consortium aims to deliver a more sustainable, efficent, and transparent approach to generating disease burden and vaccine impact estimates. It works on aggregating the estimates across a protfolio of 12 vaccine-preventable diseases and further...

Cette note de synthèse actualisée sur les vaccins contre l’encéphalite japonaise (EJ) remplace la note de 2006 résumant la position de l’OMS sur le même sujet; elle renferme principalement des informations nouvelles concernant la...

More than 300 million people who live in rural areas of the Mekong region are among the most at-risk for Japanese encephalitis (JE) infection due to changes in the Mekong region’s ecological conditions. This fact sheet describes how PATH helps...

Introduction: Two types of Japanese encephalitis (JE) vaccines, inactivated JE vaccine (JE-I) and live-attenuated JE vaccine (JE-L), are available and used in China. In particular, one JE-L, produced by a domestic manufacturer in China, was...

Background The performance of live attenuated Japanese Encephalitis SA 14-14-2 vaccine (CD-JEV) among children previously given inactivated mouse brain-derived JE vaccine (IMBV) is unknown. We evaluated the safety and immunogenicity of CD-JEV...

• Determining the costs and requirements to finance a new JE vaccination program is the final, essential step in deciding to introduce JE vaccine into a national immunization program. • Before introduction, countries should analyze and update...

• WHO recommends that JE-endemic countries conduct a one-time JE vaccination campaign in the primary target population and then incorporate JE vaccine into the national immunization program (NIP) as routine immunization. • Routine immunization...

• Three JE vaccines have been prequalified by WHO as safe, effective, and acceptable for procurement by United Nations agencies. • Vaccination programs using any of the WHO-prequalified JE vaccines would provide lifesaving protection from JE...

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How to manage measles control? WHO-PATH's new e-Learning module

October 08th 2009

The Advanced Immunization Management (AIM) e-Learning website launched a new module on 7 October to support the World Health Organization's computer-based [b][url=http://aimstaging.path.org/en/measles

  • Country: Japan Indonesia India
  • Disease: Rotavirus Measles Japanese encephalitis Hepatitis B
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    Temperature Monitoring Study To Commence in Vietnam and Uganda

    July 27th 2009

    [b]Temperature Monitoring Study To Commence in Vietnam and Uganda[/b] [i]by Joanie Robertson, Huong Vu and James Cheyne, PATH [/i]While some vaccines will lose their potency if they are stored at tem

  • Country: Uganda Japan
  • Disease: Yellow fever Typhoid Tetanus Rotavirus Rabies Japanese encephalitis Influenza Human papillomavirus Hepatitis B Hepatitis A Cholera
  • Vaccine management
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    New online tool for rotavirus vaccine decision-making

    May 05th 2009

    The Advanced Immunization Management (AIM) e-Learning website recently launched a new module to help decision-making on rotavirus vaccine introduction. The module provides comprehensi

  • Organisation: PATH
  • Country: Japan Indonesia
  • Disease: Rotavirus Measles Japanese encephalitis Hepatitis B
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    January 11th 2009

    POST 01372E: E-LEARNING MODULES—IMMUNIZATION FINANCING/ INTRODUCING NEW VACCINES 11 JANUARY 2009 ****************************************** Padmini, A useful introduction to the subject is

  • Country: United States Japan
  • Disease: Japanese encephalitis Hepatitis B
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    April 17th 2006

    POST 00912E : JE VACCINE INTRODUCTION 17 April 2006 ________________________________ Vikram Singh (mailto:[email protected]) from India, contributes some informa

  • Country: Japan India China Canada
  • Disease: Japanese encephalitis
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    December 13th 2001

    POST00398E GAVI UPDATE - 13 December 2001 Hemanthi Dassanayake from WHO kindly shared with us the following GAVI update of 13 December 2001 ___________________________________________________

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  • Disease: Yellow fever Rubella Measles Japanese encephalitis Polio HIB
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