Exploring the presentation of HPV information online: A semantic network analysis of websites

CONTEXT: Negative vaccination-related information online leads some to opt out of recommended vaccinations. OBJECTIVE: To determine how HPV vaccine information is presented online and what concepts co-occur. METHODS: A semantic network analysis of the words in first-page Google search results was conducted using three negative, three neutral, and three positive search terms for 10 base concepts such as HPV vaccine, and HPV immunizations. In total, 223 of the 300 websites retrieved met inclusion requirements. Website information was analyzed using network statistics to determine what words most frequently appear, which words co-occur, and the sentiment of the words. RESULTS: High levels of word interconnectivity were found suggesting a rich set of semantic links and a very integrated set of concepts. Limited number of words held centrality indicating limited concept prominence. This dense network signifies concepts that are well connected. Negative words were most prevalent and were associated with describing

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Added on: 20 October, 2015
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