Initiation of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Among Predominantly Minority Female and Male Adolescents at Inner-City Community Health Centers.

OBJECTIVES: We examined the prevalence and correlates of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine initiation among adolescents in low-income, urban areas. METHODS: The study consisted of electronic health record data on HPV vaccination for 3180 adolescents (aged 10-20 years) at a multisite community health center in 2011. RESULTS: Only 27% initiated the HPV vaccine. The adjusted odds ratio (AOR) of HPV vaccination was lower among older adolescents (AOR = 0.552; 95% confidence interval [CI] = 0.424, 0.718) and those seen by nonpediatric health care providers (HCPs; AOR = 0.311; 95% CI = 0.222, 0.435), and higher among non-English speakers (AOR = 1.409; 95% CI = 1.134, 1.751) and those seen at 2 site locations (AOR = 1.890; 95% CI = 1.547, 2.311). Insurance status was significant only among female and Hispanic adolescents. Language was not a predictor among Hispanic adolescents. Across all analyses, the interaction of age and HCP specialty was associated with HPV vaccination. Dra

American journal of public health

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