Healthcare waste management toolkit for global fund practitioners and policy makers: Waste stream concept development

The document Waste Stream Concept Development is Part B of the Healthcare Waste Management Toolkit for GF Policy Makers and Practitioners. The other two documents are: Part A: Rational for Environmental Safeguard Policies and Strategies; Part C: Waste Management Planning Guide. The objective of these documents is to enable planners and implementers of GF grants to better manage HCW generated by the grants and reduce its potential negative environmental impact. The aim is the introduction of environmental safeguard policies, strategies and their implementation throughout the whole GF grant making process in compliance with international environmental conventions and standards as well as with today’s corporate environmental responsibilities of multinational, multi-billion dollar agencies and companies in the development sector and beyond. While Part A provides the rational for environmental safeguard policies and strategies, this document (Part B) outlines the strategic concepts for managing different waste

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