General practitioners' attitudes and behaviors toward HPV vaccination: A French national survey.

OBJECTIVE: General practitioners (GPs) play a crucial role in human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine acceptance in France. We sought to study: (1) GPs' perceptions of its risks and efficacy and their recommendation behavior; (2) the relative importance of factors associated with the frequency of their recommendations. METHODS: Cross-sectional observational study in 2014 nested in a national panel of 1712 randomly selected GPs in private practice in France (response rate: 92.4%). We used model averaging to analyze the associations of self-reported frequency of GPs' HPV vaccine recommendations with their perception of its risk-benefit balance and their opinions about the utility of vaccines in general. RESULTS: Overall, 72% of participants reported frequently recommending HPV vaccination; 60% considered that not enough is known about its risks. The model averaging showed that the factors most associated with infrequent recommendation of this vaccine by GPs were: unfavorable perceptions of its risk-benefit b


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